Play in the Snow! Outdoor Snow Play Thrifty Hacks

Kids love to play in the snow! Get creative with us… I’ve got your outdoor snow play ideas, tricks and thrifty hacks for your winter of fun! Sometimes you’ve got to get out of the house and play in the snow! Dress your kids for play, warmth and fun! Use what you already own to have a blast playing in the snow! Read on for my genius snow play and snow outfit mom hacks!

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In Chicago, we just survived a big winter blizzard. Chicagoans are pretty used to the extremes. We play hard around here 🙂 After nothing but three days of snow, we accumulated about 14 inches near us.

This is my toddler, Harry’s second winter. Usually we admire the snow from the warmth of our condo patio, but today I decided we would be brave and have an adventure! We ran outside for a fun, fresh-air activity and play in the snow! (that lasted a whopping 5-6 minutes with a toddler…)

Here are some brilliant AND frugal tips you can use when you adventure out to play with your kids!

Dress for Play in the Snow!

The fresh-fallen snow is gorgeous to look at. As soon as Harry touched a snowball, a look of shock and sensory overload came over his face! He wasn’t quite sure what was going on. (hence, we only lasted 5 minutes outside to play!)

However, he was dressed for snow play! I would love if Harry had a full snow suit but he doesn’t. Ironically, he had one as a newborn (and used it once for a picture… hahah). So mommy had to get a little creative this year! We layered him up. Multiple layers of pants, socks, shirts, sweaters, hats, etc.

And the BEST tip I can give: use what you already have. Most moms in the city already have a fabric stroller cover for their babies. It’s kind of like a sleeping bag for riding in the stroller. (It replaces a stroller blanket: with its durability, warmth, multiple layers, and maintains in place- won’t slide down).



It’s awesome for warmth and insulation! It was perfect for a activity like this! We use it on a normal basis, in his stroller pretty often. You know how crazy Chicago weather is! Check it out here, pretty awesome product!:

Lacking a snow suit for him- I tapped into my creativity and we took him outside wrapped up in his stroller cover! It acted just like a toddler sleeping bag! It worked great, and he was a cozy, warm, snug little bug! Happy little Snow bunny!

Get Creative!

I imagined myself pulling Harry around in a snow sled while we played outside… of course I overlooked that we didn’t actually have a sled and I wasn’t going to run to the store and buy one in a snow storm! Plus, he’s a baby! I doubt he would even be able to hold himself up in a standard sled. Those are made for older kids.

More importantly, I am all about thrifty options: utilizing what you have for items that you will only use once. I did not envision us taking our sled dogs on a run to Target anytime soon. 😉 So I got creative!

So, here is my BRILLIANT mom-thrifty-hack: Use a laundry basket to pull around your toddler in the snow! It was great back support for him in his little cocoon also! It propped him up a bit so he could see around him. His lack of enthusiasm was pretty entertaining in itself.  Those 5 minutes were enough for him. At least he was an adorable blob! hahaha.

play in the snow

Looking for more Activities this Winter?

Here are some more ideas for Toddler Sensory Play You may Enjoy: Sensory Play Recipes_ copy

Safety While Kids Play in the Snow

Always closely monitor or play directly with your children when they are doing outdoor activities. Do not overestimate how much time you can be outside in the freezing weather as well.

Specifically, winter activities should also include all of the winter accessories for your kids: the fluffy scarves, the cute minion hats, the gloves that attach to their sleeves, ear muffs, winter boots. Layers, lots of layers! Make sure your kiddo has a proper jacket for the snow play!

These are some of our Adorable Favorites:

Play in the Snow and Take Pics!

As a mom, the whole point of our 5-minute-snow adventure really was to snap some adorable pics! Am I Right? Next year when it snows like this again, I will look back at these pictures and remember the day we experienced, the faces Harry made, the shocked look he had and the memories we made as a family of three. We played in the snow for the first time… 5 minutes still counts! 😉

We brought out our iPhone tripod Stand to snap that memorable picture! I received this as a Christmas gift and I have used it so many times! It’s pretty small and portable. And it works everywhere! I love mine!

Toys to Bring Out with You

Besides a sled, you may want to bring out some toys with you and your child to play outside in the snow.  If it is a mild day you may last a bit longer outside. Your kiddo may enjoy some sensory play with the snow. I would suggest busting out your set of sand play toys! Get the bucket and shovel and sand-castle items out to play! They would be great in the snow!

You can bring out little dinosaurs, robots, barbie etc. Bury them in the snow and dig them up again. You may also bring out little bowls and spoons and work on dexterity while scooping. Maybe bring out some glow lights and see them light up the snow differently!… The possibilities are endless!

Frugal Tip- Use what you have To Play in the Snow!

If we didn’t use the laundry basket as a snow sled, my husband was going to try Plan B: the lid of a large storage bin! He said he could drill a small hole in one end and run a rope right through it to pull Harry in the snow! I am sure that would have worked also! Some of our storage containers are really large. Double to triple the size of a toddler for sure! Luckily, the laundry basket idea was pretty awesome too!

We had a blast playing in the snow with our toddler this winter! I am looking forward to a few more days of outside play. We get cooped up inside all of the time. Sometimes you’ve got to get out of the house and play in the snow! Create a memorable experience: Dress your kids for play, warmth and fun! Use what you already own to have a blast playing in the snow! I hope you have enjoyed my genius snow play, mom hacks!

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