Hygge: Simplify Life with Hygge, the Latest Trend!

What the is ‘Hygge’? And how the heck do you pronounce it? If you are in search of a simpler, joyful life, you are probably already practicing Hygge! Read on to find out how to enrich your life with Hygge Inspiration and Ideas, and how to live the Hygge Lifestyle! Minimize your stress, find your comfort, practice self-care and gratitude. You’ll Love the Hygge Lifestyle; And pronunciation is right here, also!

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What is Hygge?

You are probably already practicing Hygge in your life and you don’t even know it! Hygge (pronounced: “hoo-ga”), is a Danish word that basically translates to the act of being cozy! I have been striving for cozy simple comfort my whole life!

Other buzz words for Hygge include: sanctuary, community, closeness, gratitude, open heart, feeling alive, well-being, self-care, connection, warmth, in the moment, belonging, & celebrate the every day!

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Do you love binge-watching Fixer Upper while sipping your tea? Me too!! I day-dream of what I could do with a $700,000 house budget. I could snuggle all day by a fireplace, ride my unicorn and listen to Norah Jones… wait, I guess I can do that now (kind of)! ha ha. I have found the simple things to be so joyful these days.

I truly am Hygge… or have found Hygge. (“It’s not something you are, it’s something you have” – Ross from Friends). … I’m not sure–but I love it!

This is my kind of practice! I love putting a name to it! I love knowing there is a community of billions that also practice Hygge! I am obsessed with candles, and tea. All I ever want for Christmas is pajamas and adorable throw blankets! My mother-in-law has made me countless scarves! I’ve got Hygge nailed and I didn’t even know it!

I am also making it a point to only surround myself with the items that are completely necessary or bring me joy. I remember reading a quote that stated, “If you don’t use it or love it, it’s junk.”

A few years ago, I bought this centerpiece/decorative circle item. (See picture below):

I’m not sure what it really is, and I know it doesn’t do anything practical. But I love it! Interestingly, it has been the start of so many conversations in our home! People always ask about it, and want to know what it is! They are drawn to it. It has such a great energy.

It’s shiny, kind of joyful but mysterious, and I think the circle image is comforting somehow. I am sure this weird little oddity has an official name. I don’t know, but we love it! It has traveled with us through about 5 different apartments! Even baby Harry loves to look at it. We ponder the questions of life together whilst staring at our circle mirror gadget!

It brings me joy. So there you go!

How do you Live a Hygge Lifestyle?

It has been said, the Danish are the world’s happiest country! 🙂 They practice great self-care with these wonderful, standard Hygge Practices. Join the revolution and take back your life! Find happiness in:

  • atmosphere
  • presence/ self-awareness
  • pleasure
  • sharing
  • practice gratitude
  • find comfort
  • enjoy your relationships
  • humble, minimal, zen
  • no drama-let it all go
  • rest and sleep

Well I’m sold!

I printed up this list and put it in my bedroom! I love to look at it and pick one concept to focus on that day! I am a very organized person but lately I have also gotten on the bandwagon of only keeping the minimal, joyful items in my life. What a change it has made! Purging some of our clutter and junk has made me feel renewed, vibrant and so comfy and happy!

Why is Hygge so important to your life?

Hygge is not necessarily about laying around and being lazy. It is more specifically about mindfully improving your life with the items, people and moments that give you comfort!

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What bring you joy? Sanctuary, community, closeness, gratitude, open heart, feeling alive, well-being, self-care, connection, warmth, in the moment, belonging, & celebrate the every day! If you relate to these concepts you are striving to live a Hygge lifestyle also!

Hygge is not just about what items make you comfy and happy, it’s about what people, beliefs and moments make you feel safe and warm.

Think about the most memorable and happiest times in your past. You may be surprised in the simplicity of the moment! I cannot be more grateful for a hot bath and an afternoon nap.

My husband and I recently planned an overnight in the city. My sister came to spend the night with baby Harry so we could have a night to ourselves Downtown. We were so appreciative but the night ended up kind of being a disaster. We had to call 911 for the couple next to us at dinner, my husband had an allergic reaction to the cat right before we went out, the pool shut down at the fancy hotel that we booked…

But none of this mattered. We were together. And the best part of the night was getting hot chocolate together at 11 PM in the hotel bar.  And we got to sleep in until 11 AM the next morning! It was awesome.

We had each other so we were happy. We laughed all night at how crazy our date night away ended up!  We savored the moment. We enjoyed what we had and found our own joy!

You can practice Hygge anywhere, everyday!


Here are some great suggestions to add some joy to your life with Hygge:

  • Drink Tea
  • snuggle with a fluffy blanket
  • sit by the fireplace
  • light candles
  • put on music
  • read a book
  • get off your phone, be in the moment
  • nap for 30 minutes
  • have dinner with a friend
  • add more plants to your home
  • bake
  • take a walk
  • write a list of things you’re thankful for
  • enjoy nature
  • watch the sunset
  • take a hot bath
  • make hot chocolate
  • meditate
  • diffuse lavender essential oil
  • feel the sand
  • share your time
  • watch a funny movie
  • Go to bed early
  • eat some yummy soup
  • wear a comfy sweater
  • buy fresh flowers
  • put up twinkle lights
  • share your talents
  • garden
  • splurge on cute throw pillows
  • give kisses
  • add cinnamon to your hot beverage
  • no drama
  • board games
  • color
  • sit in silence


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I hope you are already embracing the Hygge lifestyle! You can start right now! Snuggle into your blanket, light your aromatic soy candles! Enjoy a long, hot shower. Find your inner peace, celebrate comfort and live in the moment. Mama needs some self-care! Hygge is the way to a better life! Small changes today will affect your life, health and happiness forever!

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