Valentine’s Day Ideas

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with these great tips for your whole family! Enjoy Valentine’s Ideas for Kids, as well as for your husband or boyfriend. Utilize one of my many frugal ideas to keep your Valentine’s Day Exciting, Stress-Free and Budget-Friendly! Never miss a moment… celebrate your memories as a family!

Are you looking for a Valentine’s Day Idea? I’ve got so many Ideas to help you Celebrate! Valentine’s Day is an awesome time to celebrate your Family! Follow my Valentine’s Guide to: Baby Valentines Pictures Ideas, Family Fun Ideas, Valentine’s Day Crafts and even show your Husband How Much He is Loved on Valentine’s Day!

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Valentine’s Day Idea: Write a Love Letter to Your Husband

You don’t have to buy an expensive gift to show your loved one how much you appreciate them! The best gifts I have ever received have been from the heart! I adore personalized gifts and handwritten items. I know your partner would love to receive a love letter as a Valentine’s Gift this year! Write from the heart. Share your favorite memories, recall how you two met, your wedding day, talk about the day you feel in love. What a gift!

Valentine's Day Idea

Make a Special Craft with the Kids, as a Great Valentine’s Day Idea:

My Baby Harry and I made this adorable footprint craft last year. (Well, he was 4 months old… so technically I made it and he smiled. Good enough!) Everyone loves a footprint craft! I especially love how it creates such a time capsule treasure of your baby at this age, for you to remember and keep forever. I wish his tiny feet were still this small and precious… but at least I plan to make something like this craft again this Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day Idea

Fill the room with Red Balloons To Celebrate Valentine’s Day, Idea:

My husband surprised me with this sweet idea for Valentine’s Day when we were dating! He filled our bedroom with red heart balloons, AND he also attached personal notes and memories to each string of the balloons.

This is a wonderful idea to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the Kids as well! Every kid loves balloons! How exciting would it be to wake up to a room full of red heart balloons for Valentine’s Day? As a parent, I am always looking for ideas to surprise and delight my child!

Valentine’s Day Idea: Share the day with your Family

I am so fortunate and blessed to have my family close by! We are very close and make it a point to visit each other as often as we can. We try to get together for all the big holidays, family game nights, Sunday dinners, and big events.

I love to be able to include all the generations! We live right by my Grandma, which is Harry’s Great-Grandma. It means so much to us to visit often and include Grandma in all of our holidays and special events. Her love for little baby Harry is precious to see. And she simply lights up when he gives her a special holiday craft that we made! Here are some snapshots of our special visit:

Help Make the Kid’s Valentines for School, (ahead of time) as a great Valentine’s Day Idea:

Don’t buy the Valentine’s to give out, make them! You can infuse your own personality and creativity into this project! This could be a fun craft to bond over as Valentine’s Day nears. Break out your glue and glitter. Some construction paper and paint can go a long way when you are excited about a project together!

This school craft can also be a learning experience: You can talk about what this day means to everyone… how we can show our friends and loved ones that we care, what it means to be a friend, how we express our feelings and how to reach out to someone in need.

Valentine’s Day Idea: Make a Meal or Bake Dessert Together!

How can you go wrong with a delicious home-made dessert? Maybe you can whip up something chocolate, caramel or fruit-flavored. Even a simple cookie recipe can be a blast to make, together!

Invite the kiddos to assist you. They can use their hands, help you measure, enjoy the textures, and even read the recipe to you… if they are old enough! I used to love to help my Grandma bake cookies and help her make her famous Fudge recipe! It was such a special time together… with a delicious outcome!

Help Make Valentine’s Day Special: Grab Your Printable freebie of ’14 Reasons Why I Love You’.

Print it off and fill it in to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your kids or your partner! 

Valentines Day Craft
14 Reasons Why I love You

Valentine’s Day Idea: Play Dress-Up with the Kids!

Host a Valentine’s Theme Dress-up Party for you and your Kids! You can throw on some red sunglasses, a red boa, some red glitter, red lipstick, red high heels! Add a hairbrush microphone… don’t forget to take a picture! 🙂

Picture your Relationship Goals, As a Valentine’s Day Idea:

This may be a good time to re-evaluate the big picture of your relationship. Are you and your spouse on track with your personal, financial and family goals? Do you want to travel this year? Do you want to work on your Savings plan? Do you want to see your extended family more often? Maybe you want to focus on education and literacy as a family.

This is a wonderful time to discuss your relationship and your extended family goals as you celebrate your love this Valentine’s Day. After all, your family exists because of your love story! #relationshipgoals

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Enjoy a Family Game Night, for a fun Valentine’s Day Idea!

My huge family is huge into game nights! We love our board games and parlor games. We host a family game night at least once a month! Holidays are a wonderful time to get together and enjoy the moment. Use your imagination, creativity and sense of adventure.

There are plenty of games for all ages that you can play in a large group, or even two people! It is refreshing to hear of a family getting out of their iPads and into an old-fashioned board game! We used to love to play ‘Charades‘, ‘Outburst’, ‘Sorry’, and ‘Candyland’.

Valentine’s Day Idea: Don’t break your Budget

There is no need to put too much financial pressure on Valentine’s Day! Christmas was just 6 weeks ago… I am sure you spent plenty on that holiday! Keep it simple for Valentine’s Day, and remember quality over quantity. Who doesn’t love a Home-made, personal gift? Utilize one of my many frugal ideas to keep your Valentine’s Day exciting, stress-free and budget-friendly!

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