10 Items You’re FORGETTING to Include in Your Monthly Budget

Help out Your Monthly Budget, Don’t Forget These 10 Items in your Budget! These items are usually overlooked, yet necessary to include in your family budget.

monthly budget

Monthly Budget: Remember Monthly Subscriptions

This may include: Magazines, Newspapers, Spotify, Uber, Netflix, Water Delivery, etc. Include anything you pay for every month but may have been overlooking. These little items can add up on your monthly budget!

Don’t Forget: Car maintenance and Regular Upkeep Budget

When I was finally starting off on my own, my dad reminded me to keep a monthly stipend for car maintainance and upkeep. Eventually your car may need new tires, oil changes, new wipers, etc. You need to be prepared for a road emergency! At least if the idea is in the back of your mind, you know you have the $100 in your account for a new tire if you need it! Make note in your budget!

monthly budget

Remember itunes or paid music service in your Monthly Budget

These little individual $1.29 charges can add up fast each month! You may also purchase a movie rental or new ebook on itunes every once and a while. Remember to add it to your budget, so you are accounting for everything.

You May be Forgetting Entertainment

Do you enjoy a date night with your spouse? (You should!) Maybe you and your girlfriends get together for Margaritas once a month. Did you score tickets to a great concert? Planned events or spur of the moment plans and outings need to be accounted for. These items shoud be noted in your monthly budget.

Don’t Forget Gifts in Your Monthly Budget

Even if it is not Christmas time, there are always gifts to buy during the year! Birthday gifts, graduations, baby shower presents, Communion, teacher appreciation and special holidays you have to set aside money for. Keep your budget updated and prepare for a reasonable amount of gifts each month.

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Remember the Beauty Products

Most women love beauty prouducts. And most women wear and use at least a minimal amount each day. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing full lashes and lipstick every day, or just swiping on a bit of lotion and lip balm. You may have a large or minimal budget for your beauty products, but either way make note of it on your budget sheet. Help yourself acurately track your income and outgoing money!

Add Tollway Charges to your Budget

Lots of people forget to add this regular charge to the budget. In Illinois, we have the I-Pass for our toll roads. The auto replenish is usually set at $40 each time. If you or your spouse travel often, your account will be charged pretty often. You may not have noticed this charge on your account, depending on how much your family travels, but this may be a hefty number you don’t want to forget to add to your budget.

monthly budget

Remember Your Monthly Vitamins

Some people are better about taking supplements each month than others! I can relate to this healthy habit and greatly respect the will to better one’s health! I also plan to add to our daily vitamin and supplement intake this year. My whole family’s health will benefit from this healthy habit! Whatever your family needs in supplements, make note on your budget and adjust accordingly.

Don’t Forget about Monthly Maintenance Fees:

Think of any extra charges- especially from your Bank, credit cards, gym membership, Diaper Subscription, Amazon fees, etc. Some fees sneak into your account on automation. Make sure you know what money is coming and going in your budget!

Budget for your Savings!

This may be the most important item NOT to forget in your monthly budget! If you don’t budget for it, you won’t save anything! I have our savings deposit set to come out automatically each month. Also, do not wait until the end of the month to deposit into your savings. It is too easy to let it lapse or spend the money. Have it deposit into savings right away or mid-month. This Budget tip has helped add to our savings account this past year!

There is your guide to Help out Your Home Budget. Don’t Forget These 10 Items in your Monthly Budget! These items are usually overlooked, yet necessary to include each month!

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