Gain More in the New Year!

Gain more in the New Year! Don’t set Resolutions. Imagine setting goals. Gain more of a quality life. More joy! Make this year the best year yet, for you and your family! Gain so much more this year; to help you find clarity, happiness and peace. Ditch the stress, finally control your money and enjoy your life!

Gain More Time

What do you want your days to look like? Mama, do you feel scattered, chaotic, out of control? Most moms feel like we want to gain more time. You just need a better handle on your daily schedule, so you can gain more time with your family and your kids.

Gain more time in your schedule:

  • Makeover your To-Do List: Prioritize your top 3 items that need to be done today.
  • Stay focused on what you can control, let go of what you cannot.
  • Take small and concrete steps to move forward with your to-do list. You want to see progress.
  • Allocate the appropriate amount of time to your task. A general rule for my to-do list is 45 minutes per item. Don’t expect to make an important call in 3 minutes. It’s not going to happen. Be realistic about your expectations and plan accordingly.
  • Prepare 5 or 6 days per week of being productive with to-do lists, projects and appointments. Only 5-6 days, not 7 days. Those calls can wait until Monday. Moms need at least one day off, too!
  • Once you prioritize your schedule, your to-do list and your regular routine for each day, you will truly feel in control of your schedule. You will optimize your time, prioritize what can be done with actionable steps, and you will feel like you have gained more time!

To help you control your busy mom schedule, I’ve created this awesome FREE planner printable from Little Hat Family, check it out here:

 gain more organization

Gain more Moments

You want your kiddos to experience memorable, loving moments with you. Those are the aspirations of every mom! Every single second cannot be perfect, but hopefully this year you will learn to cultivate those special moments with your cutie kiddos more often. What do you want your child’s memories to look like?

gain more joy

Gain more Quality Time Together:

  • Family time is family time. Don’t sit there constantly thinking: “I should be folding clothes, I need to check my email, etc.” When you are with your kiddos, be with them. Play with them, actively engage them, read to them, attend a music class together… stay in the moment. Have you ever heard the expression: “don’t ‘should’ all over yourself”  🙂 Moms feel the pressure to do 10 things at once. I used to constantly feel like I “should” be doing something. Playing blocks together IS doing something. Chasing him around the grass IS doing something. It’s doing something memorable for him, and spending quality time together.
  • Get off the phone. Truly. Put it on a shelf, away from you. It is such a simple tip to suggest and yet it can be so hard to accomplish. I vow to be better with my time management on my phone this year also!
  • Look your child in the eyes when you play or speak to them. No matter what age, your child will feel connected to you. My baby Harrison, has craved that deep eye contact from me ever since he was an infant. I can feel that he is yearning for that connection. As a toddler, now he wants recognition for his new positive discoveries. I love to praise him as he learns new words and completes toddler milestones. Additionally, he also looks for my approval as he attempts to try dangerous tasks. I have found that eye contact is the key to connecting with him, as well as letting him know about a dangerous situation.
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Gain more Peace

  • Stop trying to live your life as a to-do list. Be in the moment.
  • Enjoy your tiny humans, they are only so little for so long.
  • You should also try to do something for yourself. If not every day, then a few times a week.
  • Enjoy the Earth together: ride bikes, go to the beach, look at lightning bugs, make snow angels, hug a tree!
  • Meditate. Even something as simple breathing awareness exercises may help you gain a more peaceful life.
  • Find a peaceful ritual you love doing: I love doing Yoga. I set up my mat in my own living room, while the baby is asleep. 20 minutes of yoga can such a peaceful time for me. Maybe you love to cook, maybe you love to journal or garden. Find your peaceful 20 minutes every day. You will look forward to it.

Gain more Financial Freedom

  • Think about your money long-term. Do you have health insurance for your entire family? Do you have life insurance? How about a Retirement fund? Does your baby have a college fund started? Even in your 20’s and early 30’s you should start thinking about these things. Start planning long-term for your future.
  • Consider tackling your outstanding debt. If you have student loan debt, car loans and credit card debt you may want to think of a large-scale plan for paying down your debt. This is the year to jump into action! There is so much information available to help you. As the saying goes, “You can’t eat the whole elephant in one sitting…”, you may feel overwhelmed by your debt now, but if you make plan today, you will be that much closer to a better financial future!
  • You can join the free email course, the Mama Budgeting Bootcamp, from Little Hat Family. This course will not only give you the tools to master your monthly budget, but also create a plan for your outstanding financial debt. Why not give this free email course a try? I have been in your shoes, these are just the steps and organized tactics I utilized (and continue to use today) to pay off our outstanding debt:

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Gain more Health

I like set a goal of achieving “better health” vs. a goal of “losing weight”. Some people lose weight in very unhealthy ways. If you feel like you want more energy and better days, this may be the time to really take a look at your health from a new perspective. You may consider:

  • setting a schedule of healthy food shopping
  • preparing more of a ‘clean eating’ diet (less processed foods)
  • Essential Oils in your daily routine (topical and diffused)
  • Clean water (and drinking much more water)
  • Regular active routine based on your interest. This is the key to sticking to it… enjoyment. 
  • Some simple planning ahead in your week will reap success. Maintain a plan to maintain success.

Gain more Clarity

I like to meditate on the pillars that are important in my life. What feeds your soul? What makes you so happy? What do you wake up for every day? I utilize the new age visualizations and theory of pulling positivity into your life with “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. (2006).

First, discover what it is that you are so drawn to. What are your larger goals? What makes you feel so positive, alive and inspired? Draw it to you.

I am a creative person. I also yearn for emotional connections, security, and routine. I love comfort items, and I love family. I am constantly visualizing these elements in my life. I am pulling them towards me. I am also seeing the good every day.

gain more this year
Gain more Sleep

  • Quality is better than quantity
  • Practice some simple Night time Yoga to release tension and stress
  • Utilize Essential oils: Lavender is an awesome suggestion for better sleep. You can diffuse is, or you can topically roll on your wrists, feet and neck.
  • Start shutting down 1 hour before bed time
  • Read something comforting, inspiring or positive instead of watching TV
  • Don’t eat a large meal too close to bed time, however drink a glass of room temp water
  • No lights while you sleep, absolutely black in your bedroom.
  • Use a white noise machine or sound machine
  • Grounding mat, or ‘Earthing’ mat (you sleep on it).

Gain more this year! Follow my steps for making this year the best year for you and your family! Find clarity and joy, be happier and less stressed, finally control your money and enjoy your life!

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