Shopping Addiction Help! Coping with Your Retail Therapy Addiction

Do you need help with a Shopping Addiction? You are not alone. Please follow these tips to help cope with your retail therapy addiction, this year! Many Mama’s find themselves in the same stressful, financial mess. Follow my tips to find support, budgeting help, guidance and acceptance of your shopping struggles.

I am here for you, girlfriend . I can absolutely relate to having a shopping addiction. In my single, college days I was definitely going down a rocky road with my retail therapy habits as well. I was constantly purchasing items I did not need. I was obsessed with buying clothes, like most women. In my early 20’s I felt that I needed to prove my independence somehow, by purchasing many new outfits. The sad reality about this situation was that I carried the debt around from the pants and shirts I bought, for years. The outfits themselves didn’t even last me that long! Thankfully, I realized I needed to get some help and cope with my shopping addiction.

Now as a 30-something mommy myself, I am so grateful for recognizing that I was spiraling downward with my expensive retail therapy, before it was much worse. I have provided some tips for overcoming my shopping struggles. I have been there, I am someone who understands. I don’t have all the answers, for sure. But I hope I can at least offer some tips, coping mechanisms and some comfort to you during your shopping addiction struggles. You are definitely not alone, Mama. I am glad you are seeking help now! You have taken such a huge step to improving your future. Welcome, you are among friends! Make some tea, put your feet up and lets dive into how we can improve your future and make a plan to move forward!

Coping Strategies: What Can you do Instead of Shop? Let’s Try Some Positive Self Care!

Focus on some positive self-care you can implement now. Maybe even try some positive mantra’s you find helpful. Meditation may also help you find your strength and inner focus.

You don’t need to be shopping. Put into perspective ‘Need’ vs. ‘Want’. What else do you enjoy doing? Are you active, creative, Earthy, sporty, musical, culinary, intellectual, religious… ?

What did you enjoy doing the most when you were a kid? If you loved the freedom of rolling down a grassy hill, go outside and start doing regular walks. Go for a swim. Enjoy some time in nature (that’s free!) Or play the piano again. Get back to reading your murder mystery books. Binge watch Grey’s Anatomy. Catch up with your great Aunt. Make a craft with the kids. Play some Board Games. You can even learn a new language! How can you redirect that shopping energy into something positive you can do to improve your life?

Personally, I know when my addiction wants to rise up again. I can always feel myself getting the itch to go on a shopping spree. I know when I need a project to redirect my focus and my attention to the positive. I am a very creative person. I look to creative projects: crafts, painting, Zumba, blogging, poetry or music always helps me feel centered and in control again. That’s what works for me!



Shopping Addiction Self-Reflection

Maybe you can self-refect, and discover the deeper emotional meaning of your shopping addiction. A very good friend of mine once mentioned that she felt that shopping was her way of showing herself love. I can understand that reasoning. Shopping was a reward system for her. Some people may find shopping as a stress relief. Another person I knew in my college days once confided in me that she constantly over-spent as a coping mechanism from a traumatic situation she experienced. She just wanted to push back the deeper, emotional feelings. Sometimes we may not even know the reason for our desire to shop for these unnecessary items. May I lovingly encourage you to explore some self-reflection and self-honesty with your spending habits, and please remember help is available!

Seek Support for your Shopping Addiction, Help is Available!

  • Join a Facebook support group
  • Shop frugally and wisely, weigh your decisions
  • Join anonymous meetings through a local church, park district or local organization
  • Seek personal therapy or council
  • Confide in a friend, relative, teacher, counselor, or spiritual leader
  • Remember your spending decisions affect your whole family
  • Take it one day at a time


You can also join the Free Budgeting Bootcamp Course! Check it out Here: 

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My Personal Frugal Shopping Tips: You are not Alone in Your Struggle

  •  To save on your home budget, swap your kid’s items with your mommy friends! Anything from furniture, to clothes, accessories, books, toys, even maternity clothing for you! Or simply share the items in your family. One of my mom friends has a few sisters that all had babies the same time that she did. They ended up just swapping items as they each traded sizes back and forth for all of the new babies. I even used this swap technique in high school! I attended a huge all-girls high school, and it used to be all the rage to swap dresses with my friends for the school dances and proms. This strategy would save our parent’s hundreds of dollars (for each dance we attended!) Some years I went to 5 different formal dances! I had no problem wearing a previously worn item, as long as it looked fabulous on me! Which it did of course… when you are 16 everything fits like a dream! hahahahaha!  #mombod. As a mommy, I appreciate this perspective on swapping with your friends even more!


  • Another tip: Unsubscribe from all the Big Box sale emails you normally get in your inbox. I personally have a handful of stores that I am such a sucker for! They know if they send me enough “amazing deals” they will con me into a $200 digital e-cart. ahh! Mommy cannot buy any more bags! I had to unsubscribe, especially from the stores I loved the most.


  • Whenever I purchase an item I try to ask myself: “How long did I have to work to earn the money to pay for this? Is it worth it?” Often, I find that I do not believe I truly need the item as a necessity for my family or to better our life. It makes you put a purchase into perspective when you know you had to work for 3 full days to buy it!

Make a Plan to get yourself out of Debt

This step is extremely important to healing and moving forward with a successful future. You can speak to an financial advisor, you can read and research, you can listen to podcasts or TED talks about your debt and finances. You can even seek council from your knowledgeable friends and family. Start somewhere, even baby steps will help! Do what works best for you! I also have a popular free budgeting and debt email course you may find helpful. You can check out my ‘Mama Budgeting Bootcamp’ Here.

3 Tips that help me to watch the Over-Spending:

  1. Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program. When you subscribe to regular delivery on items you save even more. I have our staple items and non-perishable goods delivered at a great price, (diapers, paper towels, tissue, shampoo, dry cat food, contact solution, toothpaste, etc.) We have to buy these items for our home, that is the bottom line. I cannot be in denial about the items we need! More importantly, I am resisting the temptation to impulse purchase 50 other items at a super store when I just needed to buy diapers. Amazon will deliver your staple items at an increment you decide (every 4 weeks, 6 weeks, etc.) You stick to your firm budget, you never run out of toilet paper,  and best of all: you don’t have to drag the baby out on a rainy cold day!

IMG_55282. Shopping at Thrift Stores for anything you may need! With the exception of food and undergarments, I am all about buying EVERYTHING at thrift stores! Just try to find the clean, quality thrift stores near you. You can truly find some treasures at thrift stores and consignment stores! Don’t go overboard, just get the bare minimum of what you think you need for your home or family.

3. I have adopted my Grandma’s motto “Waste not…” Our loving and knowledgeable parents and grandparents lived in simpler, frugal times. My grandma believed in utilizing what you had! Even my own parents passed that trait onto us as we grew up, and I am so grateful now, for my frugal traits! Use what you have around you! If you are making dinner: check out your freezer and your pantry. If you are in need of a craft project for the kids: tear up some old magazines. Does your clothing have holes? Learn to sew a simple stitch with some thread, and save yourself the $35 for a new pair of yoga pants. My grandma has told me so many stories of “darning” their socks. I don’t even know what that really entails, but I respect the heck out of those tough women! They did what they needed to do, and focused on the necessities, the bigger picture of the family, and the simple things in life!

I hope this guide has given you a little bit of help with your Shopping Addiction. You are absolutely not alone. You are seeking help now! You are doing great. It can be a challenge, give yourself some self love, and please accept a hug from me!

I am so glad you stopped by today. Please keep your head up and remember why you are doing all of this… to make a better future for yourself, your kids and your family. You can do this! One day at a time! & I am here to help any way I can!

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