Ultimate Organization: 3 Simple Rules to Rule Your Clean Home!

Get your home organized this year, once and for all! Does the clutter overwhelm your home? These 3 Simple rules will help you keep an organized and clean home. Let’s control the chaos, Mama! Follow my Ultimate Organization Guide.

Keeping your home organized can feel like a challenge. It seems so easy for some people. I am here to tell you the secret of home organization… there is no secret. If your maid doesn’t come to clean your house every night as you soak in your rose petal bubble bath I can relate ;). I am here for you, Mama. It’s challenging for everyone. It takes a bit of effort. You simply need to commit to a little bit of organizing, every day. Let’s dive into my specific organization tips you can focus on implementing in your home. If you use my 3 simple rules, organization will rule your home!

To keep an organized home, you need to implement the rule of:  ‘Touch Once’

It drives me crazy to complete a load of laundry, fold it, and then end up waiting 3 days to put it all away! Can you relate? I should have just folded it and took the extra 6 minutes to put it all away right then! Get into the habit of completing a full task, right then. How about bills… dreaded bills and papers are so frustrating. They end up all over the house! You bring them in from the mailbox and suddenly they are on the table, the counter, your dresser, the bathroom sink, the couch, stuck under an old coffee cup… You’ve moved them all over the house.

The ‘Touch Once’ rule will help you organize all of the items that don’t belong, or don’t have a place. It also makes you adopt the “deal with it now” mentality. Then it will be out of sight, off your mind and in it’s proper place. Take that bill right to your desk, planner, or shredder. Even if you do not pay the bills every day, you should have a dedicated area just for important papers and bills. I hate having paperwork around, so most of my finances are done online these days. Any junk mail or bills get shredded or filed. Right Away! That is the key. Touch it once, and you will never losing the electric bill or misplace the insurance cards you left on the counter 2 weeks ago.

A good mom friend once told me that she and her husband left some important paperwork for their upcoming home refinance on their counter for about a month. By the time they got to it again, the lower rate offer had expired. They lost out on saving thousands a year on their home refinancing. She was so upset about it. I understand how frustrating that could be. At least I took away an important lesson from her refinancing mishap.

The ‘Touch Once’ rule should also help you to control many of the items that clutter your living areas. For example: don’t leave your coat and boots on the couch, put them away right when you get inside. Don’t sit down and watch TV, just take the 5 seconds to complete the task . Try to stay on top of it, so you don’t have to stress about it. Touch it once so you don’t have it lingering all over the house for days.

Maintain Home Organization with the Second Simple Rule: ‘Only 3 Things on Your Daily to do List’

I have a love hate relationship with lists. I make lists OF LISTS: To-do list, shopping list, packing list, organic food list, baby items list… The mental load for mamas never ends! I always joke that my to-do list is ‘infinity’ long. My controlling, boss-mom nature wants to take over all of the chaos and organize everything, right this second!

In the midst of spinning around trying to complete 47 different projects and chores, I would ultimately get very few things accomplished. In our millennial world of multi-tasking, I have found it challenging to truly focus on one item to fully cross off my list. The struggle is real.

These days I go with the ‘Rule of 3’. 3 prioritized items on my to-do list, per day will make it attainable to actually see some progress (or actually fulfill my task). It is a struggle to limit myself to 3 things to do. Honestly, the mental anxiety takes over once I see more than 10 items on a list. I sit there worrying over what to do first, how will I have time to do these all in one day, who will play with the baby, when will I cook dinner? What if I have to go to the bathroom? hahahaha.


I stick with the rule of 3. It is more realistic, so I am not carrying over 12 different tasks to the next day that I never even touched. I can feel productive and accomplished knowing that I put my full attention and effort into the 3 tasks I needed to do that day! Most of the time I actually can accomplish my 3 items. Honestly, I rarely achieve any more than that anyway. I would end up starting 10 different projects, getting overwhelmed and deciding to take a nap instead. 3 items to-do is a good goal. Just remember to set aside a realistic amount of time and focus to fully accomplish your list! 45 minutes per item is usually a good amount of time. Unless your to-do list consists of “breathe in and out”, and “blink”… it will take you more than a few minutes to nail that task! But I do appreciate a good reminder to breathe in and out these days 🙂

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Home Organization Rule Number 3: Declutter Every night before bed

This rule may sound simple, but simple works! This is the rule that makes the most difference! Actually committing to decluttering and straightening up every night may sound challenging. I would rather take 10 minutes to do a speedy clean up, walk through of the house every night, than have to spend hours decluttering and cleaning one day over the weekend. (And letting the junk linger and build all week long.) I know all the clutter and mess around the house also affects your well being, stress and anxiety. I also love waking up in the morning to a clean slate, an organized home, with everything in its place, where I need it to be for the next day.

This rule also assists me with my anxiety over control during the day. When I know I can take 10 minutes to focus on a simple clean-up that night, I worry less about the toys, the crafts, the dishes, the clothes, the magazines…  My attention during the day needs to be focused on my baby, Harry, and our family time.
After working in a restaurant for years, I also view my nightly home decluttering as kind of my mommy “closing shift” duties. I love structure, patterns and rituals. I respond well to following certain rules, as many of you organized mama’s do! For years in the restaurant, my mentality was: At the end of the day, your space is wiped clean, sanitized and refreshed for the next shift. Everything in its place, every thing re-set for the next day. You are setting yourself up for success for the next day! That made so much sense to me now, as a mommy!

Who wants to wake up to a mess? Clutter and chaos everywhere…. ugh I am getting anxious even talking about it. Hahahaha. Luckily, my husband and I both share the same mentality about tidying up our space each night, so it’s not that much of a project for us! We take our 10 minutes to ‘close up’ the rest of the house. It makes sense and gives us a feeling of closure for the night.  I swear, this trick will organize and change your entire world! Commit to it for even a week and see how tidy your house becomes, notice your renewed mental energy in the morning, and the reduction in your stress level!


There you go! Those are my 3 Simple Rules, to keeping your Home Organized! Simple Home Organization can be realistic, with less work than you think! Join me in this boss-mom revolution. Commit to these simple rules & run your household like a boss, mama!

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