Cut Your Household Budget: 10 Ways to Save Money in Your Home This Month

Where can you cut your budget? You need to save money on your household budget every month, I know! I have cut our household debt and budget by utilizing these 10 ways to save money in your home. Lower your budget this month with these 10 home tips!

Save Money with Automatic savings transfer

This is super useful when you have a regular paycheck coming in. Simply setup your automatic transfer amount to savings and forget it! It will grow, and you don’t have to think about it… or get a chance to spend that money ;).

Thrift Store Savings

Everyone is jumping on the thrift store kick! Follow Macklemore’s advice and get to that thrift shop! You will find some unique, beautiful, interesting & useful items! Countless times, I have come home with 2-3 HUGE bags of clothing for my whole family… (myself, my husband & the baby, too!) all for the grand total of about $25! I hardly ever spend money in full-price stores for items I can easily get second hand. Especially on clothing and home goods, I find such treasures at the thrift store!

Cut your Budget with Aldi Grocery Shopping

I could not LOVE Aldi any MORE than I already do. Although, every month they are making even more store improvements! People have actually asked me if I do advertising for them! (I don’t) Hahahahaha. I just love their products & their prices! You will seriously cut your grocery budget with Aldi. And they are now offering so many organic options as well! Check out my post about the Organic Items I Love from Aldi! 

Save Money with Free Classes for the Kids

Music class, tot time, story time, social play classes, etc… these are usually FREE at your local library. A lot of them don’t even have you pre-register, so you could actually get the schedule of a few of the cities around you and attend class multiple times a week for your kiddo!) I was taking my baby, Harry to tot-music class and paying full price in a private program. Now we attend the library music classes! This tip alone saves us hundreds a month!

I absolutely believe that creative outlets and the arts are so important in our kids’ lives. However, at such a young age, the Library program is a blast for him! This will work for us for a few years, until he is serious about pursuing an activity on a competitive or more focused level. (Such as dance, instrument, sport, or club, etc.)


Savings Trick: Divide your Month in Half

So you can mentally set aside the payments for everything during the month. This will spread out your pay check evenly through the month to cover all of your bills! For example, you could set aside money from each check to pay for your rent or car payment. Then you will still be able to buy groceries and pay your other bills on time. This will take a bit of preparation on your part, but you need to really stay on top of your payments. Grab your FREEBIE budget sheet now, to help you organize your finances. I make it super easy to understand and utilize a home budget!

Cut Your Budget Tip: Cancel Cable!

You can get by on Netflix, the Fire stick and your basic local channels! I cut our cable about 3 years ago, and we aren’t suffering!

Cleaning Products and Laundry Detergent Savings: SECRET WEAPON

save moneyMom’s secret cleaning ingredient: Start using Vinegar for everything! I religiously use vinegar to clean our laundry & as a household cleaner! You will save so much money with the natural, antibacterial Vinegar! Read more about how to cut your budget & use Vinegar in your home!


Save Money with Target Diaper Delivery Service

Using this option for diapers means you do not end up wasting any diapers, you’ll have no extra sizes you have to store in your home, and no brands that leak or cause issues with your little one. You will also get the subscription discount & sometimes free delivery with Target diaper services!

Save on your Budget this Year, Check out my Free Bootcamp:

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Save Money, Plan ahead for any large purchases

Look at your schedule and your spending months in advance. Any big purchases should be considered and carefully chosen. This can mean putting money away, or putting 1/2 cash and 1/2 on credit, or using gift cards for a large purchase through Amazon, target or even a Visa Gift card. I have some tips to save time and money for your family

 THE BEST tip to Save Money: Commit to a ‘No-Spend’ Month!

This is an awesome, yet aggressive tactic to save money this month!  It would mean fully committing to only spending on what you absolutely need for your home and family. My husband and I committed to a ‘No-Spend’ Month. It was definitely a challenge, we only spent money on what we absolutely needed. After the month was over we ended up saving almost a thousand dollars! It was definitely an eye-opener for how much excessive spending we were truly doing as well.

This may be a good choice for you to shake up your finances and really focus on saving this month! After all, what are you doing this for? What is your motivation to save money this month? Keep focusing on the best things in your life. I know what my frugal financial inspiration is…

Save Money Bonus Trick:

I mentally think to myself, “How many hours would I have to work to pay for this item?” After I ask that question, I usually talk myself out of needing or wanting said item. It’s not worth the 4 hours I would have to work to buy it! When you cost compare your actual hours worked to real dollars, you will see a huge decrease in the amount you are spending on non-important items.

There are your 10 Ways to Save Money on the Home Budget this Month!

I hope you found this ‘how to’ guide helpful to save money and cut your budget. Please also checkout these other popular posts from Little Hat Family:





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