15 Ways to Celebrate Baby’s First Christmas!

Celebrate your Baby’s First Christmas with traditions you will never forget! Experience the joy and love of the holiday season with your family and your newborn. Capture all of the Christmas memories. This guide will hep you with 15 ways to celebrate Baby’s First Christmas! Here are some unique Holiday ideas; the very last idea is my absolute favorite way to capture Christmas memories! You found it here, at Little Hat Family!


1. Christmas Family Photo Shoot

Choose a professional photo of the holidays, or capture a beautiful ‘every day’ moment while your family is all together during the holidays. Be sure to get one! Either way, you will be so grateful to have this photo of your family together for the holiday season. I say to my own husband all of the time. “They are only this small once.” It is so important for us to capture these precious time capsule moments. After all, he will only have his first Christmas once! You may look back on the picture years down the road and think: “Those were the days”…


2. Hang Baby’s First Stocking

This can be so exciting for new mommies! For years, I dreamt of hanging my future child’s stocking right next to mine. I wanted my baby for so long… I spent so much time looking forward to my baby Harrison’s first Christmas stocking! The design and type of stocking can be fancy, minimal, DIY, or designed. His Christmas stocking represented so much hope, love and pure joy for our Holiday Season. I can’t wait to get it out again this year!

3. Christmas Dress up

When they are babies, it is much easier to dress them up! He can be a cute Christmas Santa, Elf, Reindeer, or Snowman! Even a simple hat will look adorable on a smiling baby! Throw some lights in the mix and you’ve nailed the Christmas dress up photo!

Baby's First Christmas


4. Baby’s First Tree Ornament

I am very creative and I love projects. I decided to make my own Harrison holiday ornaments last year for our entire family! He had 3 photos featured in a plastic ball type ornament, with glitter and garland inside as well. It was so fun to make and my family was so touched! For baby’s first Christmas you simply MUST get an ornament. If you are not super creative, no worries! You can order one or even have someone make it for you, but you will definitely treasure this ornament every single year when you are decorating for the holidays!

5. Capture Moments with the Family Generations:

I am very close with my Grandma Mae. She is 83, so loving and sweet, and lives super close to us! In my family we are so fortunate to have 4 generations together: Harrison, myself, my mom and my Grandma (now she is a great-grandma and loving it!) I try my best to get a picture of us all together whenever I can. I especially love getting pictures just of Harry with his Great Grandma! These moments are priceless, they can never be replaced! The holidays are a wonderful time to catch up and snap some loving and memorable photos together!



6. Baby’s First Christmas Pajamas

We all love Christmas jammies! I still love receiving jammies for myself! Babies are so adorable with their Christmas themed pajamas. I especially love the footed kind. Last year Harrison had a set of Christmas pajamas with a reindeer face on the butt! It cracked us up when he was doing tummy time. I hope in the future to have matching jammies for our whole family! Cheesy… but so fun and festive! We’re all just big kids inside!


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7. Meet Santa for the First Time

This is a great tradition to capture this year. You have to get your keepsake photo with Santa! I love seeing my Facebook feed filled with crying babies on Santa’s lap! Even though they are terrified, they are still so cute! ha ha ha.

8. Start a Family Tradition

It may be cookies, or a Christmas story, charity work, a Christmas craft, a special Christmas song, attending a special event, or hot cocoa by the fire. Whatever your family loves to do, do it every season! Baby won’t realize it yet, but you are setting up future memories of love and family time!

9. Write a Personal Keepsake Christmas Letter to Your Baby

One of my favorite tips for baby’s first holiday or even baby’s first birthday! I did this with Harrison this year and I am so happy that he has this special letter to treasure forever. Try and write one every Christmas. Your kiddo will truly know how loved he is. It would be wonderful to look back on the many years of letters and read them together!


I have also created a simple guide to help you write your own letter, Check it out here:

Write a letter to your baby

10. Christmas Decorate Baby’s Room

Some little ornaments, Christmas teddy bears, or garland around his door would be adorable!

11. Make a Christmas Craft with their handprint or footprint

This is an absolute must! They grow so fast, its unbelievable! You will be so happy you took the time to imprint his tiny foot on some paper and make it into something cute! Make a few of them and give one to the grandparents, they will go crazy!!

12. Take Baby out to enjoy the first snowfall

First snow fall is a magical moment! Especially if you are from an area where you rarely get to see snow! Run outside and take a picture together in the snow! Then run back in and drink some hot chocolate!

13. Read ‘Twas’ the Night Before Christmas’ Book together

My own dad read this to me and my sister every Christmas Eve when we were little. I loved the way his voice sounded, the animated voices he used, the serene moment, the smell of the tree, the comfy blanket we snuggled with…

The simple, beautiful moments like these mean so much to your kiddos. This can be a wonderful tradition your baby will learn to look forward to each year!

14. Attend a Christmas Parade, Party or Festival

The energy of the crowd, the twinkling lights, the thermos of hot chocolate, the excitement building up to Christmas Day never gets old. Wrap up those babies and bring them to a special event! Maybe the lights festival, a holiday parade, or your aunt’s annual Christmas Eve party! Who knows, maybe you are heading out to get Chinese food and sing crazy Christmas carols! Dress up, have fun and take a picture!

which brings us to #15,  my last tip…


15. MY FAVORITE TIP: Take a Picture of your baby EVERY DAY in December!

I call it: “25 Days of Christmas”. I did this last year for my baby, Harrison. I am so grateful to have these photos now! He was only 2 months old, so he grew so much each week! I really looked forward to capturing the photo each day, and my friends and family loved the idea! My relatives would actually message me that they were waiting to see the picture today! People were giving me props and toys to use for the picture! It truly connected our family members near and far. And who doesn’t love a brand new squishy, smiley baby dressed as a Christmas present? I plan to keep this tradition going again this year! Here’s a peek at some of the best shots from our “25 Days of Christmas” photo experience last year:

That’s my list of 15 ways to celebrate Baby’s First Christmas! I hope you were inspired by these great ideas for your baby’s holiday! We hope you have a joyous, blessed, loving holiday season… from my family to yours! Thanks for stopping by today! We are so glad to have you here, friend!


We love the holidays, too!

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