How to Help Out a New Mom: A Guide to 8 Simple Ways You Can Help

Do you know a new mom? How can you help her? Maybe your friend is adopting a baby, or fostering a new child! Show your support and love with the guide to 8 simple ways you can help out a new mom. Any of these options would make a new mom so happy and grateful! Show that loving mom your support. Give her the gift of your time and your love. Check out this thoughtful list for some wonderful suggestions to help!

Becoming a new mommy is such a joyful, yet overwhelming time. Let’s be honest, new moms and not-so-new-moms can all use some help! When I was pregnant with Harrison, my to-do list was so long and unrealistic! I am a very organized person, yet I still felt I wasn’t prepared enough when he came along! What mom does feel prepared?

My daily list of chores were tough to tackle with a newborn! My amazing family and wonderful friends stopped by with so much support, gifts, food and love for my husband and I. I am so grateful. Those visits from friends and family meant so much to me, especially those first few weeks with the baby!

Maybe you want to help out the new mommy in your life but you aren’t sure how. This is the guide for you!

8 Tips to Hep Out a New Mom:

Make her a frozen meal

It doesn’t matter if you are a good cook. Any meal will be appreciated! Even a simple pasta dish! Include simple instructions to throw into the oven. Or you can pick up some fresh, hot soup from your favorite deli or shop! That sounds delicious to me!

Sit with kids while she takes a shower

We all know this tip is gold! Not only does new mommy feel gross, not herself and a bit smelly, but she will also appreciate the alone time in a nice hot shower. (Especially if she is breast-feeding. This is very comforting and relaxing.) Sometimes those moments are all that get you through the day, when baby is a newborn.

Bring her favorite coffee or tea

Everyone loves a Pumpkin Spiced Latte! Or maybe she prefers a Chai tea. Heck, I would take a plain green tea if you bring me one! It is such a sweet gesture, and it shows you are thinking about her comfort and joy, as well as the baby’s.

Pay for home cleaning service for a day of her choice

This generous act of love could mean the world to a new mom & dad! What new mommy wants to dust, clean toilets and get on the floor to mop? uh, no! If you have a regular cleaning service, book them on a day she will be home. Maybe you just have a friend who cleans for extra spending money: Ask mama what day is good and send her over! New mama will be so excited and appreciative!

Make her some banana bread or oatmeal no-bake energy bites

I am sure you have a wonderful recipe from your great aunt, or grandma that you could make for her! Maybe even something as simple as picking up a loaf from the store! Something to give her energy and maybe even some comfort!

Clean her kitchen

Do a load of dishes, pick up wrappers and empty cups from around the house, wash some bottles, throw in a load of laundry (baby clothes, or towels are always a good choice!) New mom will think the cleaning fairy came over and whisked away the mess! She will love you for it!

Offer to watch the baby for 30 minutes while she plays alone with the older child

People love babies… obviously. But this can also strike up some feelings of jealousy and sibling rivalry in the older kids. Offering to help mom give her other kiddos some one-on-one time is a wonderful way to support her and her whole family!

If you want to really knock it out of the park: bring over a small gift for the older child as well! Even a book or small toy would mean the world to big brother or sister! After all, everyone comes to see the baby, not the big kid!

Gift her a grocery delivery. (Make sure you order the main items she likes & needs).

Maybe you know her so well, you know her favorite food. Or maybe you just want to be kind and hit the main food groups! Either way, mom will appreciate your support and effort! Think of some healthy options, snacks, fruits and something with protein. I am sure anything you have delivered will be a wonderful surprise! If you are not sure, you can always ask what she needs! Maybe she needs toilet paper and diapers that week!

Any of those 8 tips would be so supportive and helpful to a new mom!


I remember one of my friends once paraphrasing: “Motherhood is like your own personal Groundhog Day, every day.” It is true… and frustrating! Sometimes moms (and dads) need a break from the love fest and the overwhelm. Just support her with your love. Sometimes simply taking over with one of these tasks may mean so much to her!

If people asked me, “What can I do to hep?”, I wasn’t sure if they were just saying that to be nice, or if they really wanted to do something. The love and support I appreciated the most were the tasks I did not have to assign.

My sister jumped in and cleaned our whole apartment by herself, right before we brought Harrison home for the first time. She even made a special, Organic and natural cleaning spray for us! My mom and dad would drive over an hour to visit us every other day, in the winter. They even brought over comfy pajamas for myself and the baby, a space heater for our living room, and so many home-cooked meals! My aunt was always doing my dishes and folding clothes (not just the baby clothes!).


All of these tasks were not requested, yet so appreciated! I was able to sneak in a few naps, and also get more quality time with my new baby, Harrison. New moms and dads are in such a haze of exhaustion, confusion and emotions! We don’t know if it’s 7am or 7pm. We just know the baby needs to be changed, and I probably have to eat something eventually.

It is such a blessing to have such loving and caring people in your life! My suggestion for the new moms: take the help! Any help, from pretty much anyone! 🙂 My suggestions for friends of the new mom: any of my top 8 tips to help out a new mom would be so appreciated! If you are not sure what to do, ask her! Bring coffee or tea over, and then see what you can jump in and help with!

Everyone always comes to visit the adorable, squishy, new baby…  don’t get me wrong, I absolutely want to show off my little miracle. But I believe the true friends and loved ones will jump into the kitchen and get their hands dirty! Maybe they will bring over a frozen casserole, or watch your 3 year old. They might bring over 3 bags of groceries, they will empty the dishwasher, possibly take out your garbage! Any of these tasks are so appreciated by the new mom!


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I hope you found these tips helpful! I know that new mommy is so lucky to have you in her life! How thoughtful and caring you are!

Do you have some more suggestions for helping out a new mom? I love to hear your ideas and suggestions, please comment below!

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