Mom’s Secret Weapon: Vinegar! The organic cleaning agent that will save you thousands. Cut the chemicals and the cost!

Here are 8 brilliant uses for how to use vinegar to clean around the home. Vinegar cleaning is the forgotten yet cheap cleaning product that will save you hundreds to thousands each year! Mamas, use this naturally green product on your laundry and household cleaning to save you hundreds to thousands per year! Now you can organize and clean your household like a boss! Cut out the chemicals and the cost.

This guide to utilizing vinegar in your home will kill the germs and slay the budget! Here are my 8 brilliant uses for vinegar cleaning in your home: 

Tip #1 Wash the floors with Vinegar!

In a bucket, add 3 parts of hot water, to 1 part vinegar. Mix this solution and mop or hand wash your floors. Your floors will be naturally disinfected.  You will not be inhaling all of the unnatural chemicals and fake perfumes from the store-bought floor cleaners! This is especially important for me with my toddler, Harrison crawling all over the floors! I feel confident that he is constantly exposed to a clean, yet safe environment to explore! I especially like to add a few drops of my favorite doTerra essential oils to the water/vinegar mixture for a natural, fresh, clean scent. (I like lavender, lemon, lime or even a holiday mix!) Click here, to learn more about cleaning with doTerra brand Essential Oils.


Tip #2 Use Vinegar to Clean mirrors and windows

Replace your Windex! No More chemicals to breathe in, which is the best! Get a small spray bottle, fill with 2 parts vinegar and 1 part water will clean of the finger prints, smudges and dust. Leave your mirrors streak-free and spotless. I use it on our mirrors and it absolutely works.

Tip #3 Vinegar for Surface Cleaning

Awesome for counters, tables, desks, cuts the grease. For Grease: utilize a spray bottle of 2 parts vinegar and 1 part water, over grease covered area. This mixture will also removes rust: soak in the vinegar solution over night. This super formula also kills any mold and mildew in your kitchen!

This is a magic microwave solution as well! Simply fill a (microwave safe) coffee mug   with 1 part water, and 1 part vinegar. Microwave on high for 2.5-3 minutes. Your microwave will practically clean itself! Simply take a cloth and wipe away the microwave grime! No scrubbing, and no chemicals needed!

For using vinegar to clean around the home: you can even add a few drops of lemon essential oil to your spray bottle mix of 1 part water to 1 part vinegar. This will give a pleasant, fresh, citrus scent to your counters, tables and surfaces as you clean your home.

Tip #4 Vinegar is great for Disinfecting kids toys

Every week or so I try to disinfect all of the toys that Harry slobbers on… I mean “plays” with. (Honestly it’s more like once a month… hahahaha). Anyway, this toy cleaning technique is super easy! It’s a great lazy-mom trick! 😉 After baby goes to bed for the night, I fill up the bathtub with hot water, and pour in 4 cups of vinegar. Then I drop in every toy that can be soaked. (Obviously, no batteries or fabric toys). I set my phone timer for 30 minutes and then pull the drain. I lay out a big beach towel and throw all the toys onto the towel on the bathroom floor. I leave these here overnight to dry! It’s pretty minimal effort and it definitely does the job. It’s specifically a good idea after a baby play date, or during flu season, or after your kiddo has been sick, or even just once a month.


Tip #5 Vinegar does wonders for cleaning the bathroom.

Disinfecting is the name of the game. You can master every surface of that master bath! With your spray bottle mix: clean the shower, and toilet. Unclog shower drain, disinfect the toilet seat, Clean shower head (from mildew and rust buildup), and even  the bathroom floors! No need for multiple cleaning sprays any more! Let’s ditch the chemicals and the cost!

Tip #6 Vinegar is an awesome Carpet Cleaner

It is great at removing carpet stains, food stains, dirt, and vinegar will actually rid of pet odors (natural disinfectant properties!). Try using a spray bottle on the carpet area first. You may also mix with baking soda and let it soak in. This treatment should rid of your carpet stains quickly!

Tip #7 Vinegar Cleans stainless steel

No more need to buy the expensive bottle of stainless steel spray for your fridge and appliances. I always hated the strong smell also! I used to work in a restaurant and at the end of the night we would have to spray the heck out of all the stainless steel in the kitchen. My fingers would be burning from that industrial stainless spray! Gross.

I have upped my game and now my frugal boss mom tactics rule our home! Vinegar will take care of the stains and finger prints on your kitchen appliances. This was also such a huge savings for our family! (Scroll down a bit more to cost compare, and see what you will be saving each year, overall!)

Tip #8 My FAVORITE Tip: Use Vinegar for Laundry!

You will be ecstatic to completely replace your laundry detergent AND fabric softener! Not only does vinegar brighten fabric, but it also naturally softens and naturally disinfects. I have told all of my family members about this tip! I can see people are a bit skeptical, but I have been using ONLY vinegar to wash my family’s clothes for over a year now, and I am so happy with the results. Not only is it extremely cheap, but also green. I feel the benefit in our overall health to establishing an organic home. This includes a diet and our lifestyle and home choices. We have truly tried to remove all of the chemicals.

The question my family always asks, “Doesn’t the laundry smell like Vinegar?” The answer is “No!”. Once you finish the load of laundry, there is no vinegar smell. It just gets neutralized out as it rinses in the load.

Do you ever notice your towels smelling funky? They gather mold and residue as the weeks and months go by. I refuse to use bleach. I do not want that on my baby’s skin or my own! Why would you choose a chemical product when you can have a naturally-disinfecting product like vinegar? This will save you so much money! Huge Perk: Vinegar will remove stains on baby clothes! Vinegar also removes arm pit stains from your own shirts. (Not that I have any… hahahah, TMI).



Let’s do some cost comparisons: What Will You Save??!

After seeing my list of 8 brilliant uses for cleaning with vinegar in your home, let’s talk about savings! My family was going through a large laundry detergent bottle about every 2 weeks. (With the baby, we go through a lot of loads of laundry!)

Laundry Detergent: 94oz. bottle is about $8.50 every 2 weeks =$17 per month =$204 per year. (Depending on the brand you use*)

+Softener:  77oz. bottle is about $6 every 2 weeks= $12 per month = $144 per year.

+Cleaning Products Budget: My cleaning product budget (before going green) was about $20 per month to replace any of the different products for: kitchen, bathroom, surface, glass, floor, bleach, mold/mildew product, furniture polishing, dusting products and air freshener spray. My budget was $20 per month = $260 per year.

My total for these items for the year: $608

Let’s Cost compare this to the best price of vinegar. Vinegar is the single item for all of your cleaning and laundry needs! I have actually found that our Mariano’s store carries the large gallon of vinegar for… Drumroll please…

$1.50. Per gallon!! For ‘distilled white vinegar’. This is the Kroger brand:



I buy 2 of these at a time. Sometimes, I can also use a coupon, or grab them on sale at our Mariano’s store for even more savings! I generally go through about 3 gallons per month right now. This is a total cost of $4.50 per month! $4.50 per month= $54 per year for your home cleaning and laundry costs!

$54 for the Year, Compared to $608

If you replace your chemical cleaning products, laundry detergent and fabric softener this year with vinegar, You will see a huge cost savings of hundreds or possibly thousands! *Keep in mind, we are a family of 3. This may be much higher for the size of your family, or frequency and use of product. I also have a home budget printable to help you with  your monthly expenses. You can grab this boss mom budget freebie now. My budget printable may help you maintain a simple home budget and savings plan!

Why not save some money and try utilizing vinegar in your home? I am confident you will see the benefits of the disinfecting properties, and the natural solution for an organic, clean home life. Utilize vinegar to clean in your home and to replace our laundry detergent. This was such a game-changer for my family! Now I can utilize these savings for our family vacation fund, Harry’s college savings, or even to benefit our weekly grocery budget!

Set your weekly cleaning schedule with my Freebie Daily Planner Download Page! Click the picture to access:

daily organizer

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Thanks for reading today! What other brilliant ideas do you utilize for cleaning and organizing your home. I would love to hear from you! Comment below. & Spread these brilliant mom tips with your friends! My mommy guide will help you cut the chemicals and cut the budget!

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    1. Hey Timothy! Thanks for your question: Depending on how large the load is, generally 1-2 cups. Straight into the washer, no other detergents.
      -if a load is particularly stinky, I add a dash of baking soda as well!
      Hope that helps 😉

  1. Please note that if you truly want an organic option, then you must buy organic vinegar! White vinegar is made from corn, and the huge majority of conventionally grown corn in the U.S. Is genetically modified. This is one of the WORST products you could possibly support with your buying bucks for multiple reasons! Yes, organic vinegar is more expensive – I pay about $3-4 a gallon depending on where I buy it. But this is still a much cheaper and better option than commercial, chemical-laden detergents and fabric softeners!

    1. Interesting! Thank you Wendy, that is good to know! I need to look into that!
      It definitely takes awareness & effort, but I believe it’s worth it too! Thanks for keeping up with Little Hat Family!

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