15 Unique Gifts for Christmas: $20 Crowd-Pleaser Gift Ideas!

Need some easy & awesome Christmas gift ideas? These 15 unique items are perfect for your $20 Christmas Grab-bag! Each gift is a great, neutral, holiday crowd-pleaser!

Grab-bag style Christmas parties can be fun, if you don’t end up stuck with the ugly Christmas sweater. Unless you actually wanted it…

Ugly, hipster Christmas sweaters are totally in now! Ha ha.

Weather you are attending a family party, work party, seeing the in-laws or a get-together with friends, unique Christmas grab-bag gift ideas may be a challenge. (By the way, there are no ugly sweaters on my great gift guide!)


Hey Boss Mama, I know you probably already have a crazy long list of people to buy holiday gifts for this season… just like every year. Some of you may find it even more stressful to have to find a grab-bag gift. When the gift is for a general audience, it may feel like it doesn’t seem personal. And you don’t want to get a generic, useless or cheesy gift. It’s tough to please everyone, for sure! I understand. You need a crowd-pleaser gift! That’s why I am here to help, and offer some great suggestions!

Have you also thought about your holiday budget? Did you go waaaaaaaay over budget last year? Did you set a budget at all?… The little extras, last-minute gifts, and impulse purchases can get out of hand! I know so many families that are capping off their Christmas spending by setting a strict budget this year. I plan to do the same this season! We have to tame that debt!! That is why my list is specifically set for $20 gift ideas!

Everyone is thinking more frugally, organizing the finances, and prioritizing extra spending. We can all probably use a little reminder to be aware of our household budgets during the holidays! I’ve got you covered with that, too! I can help you control and organize your household and holiday budget!

Click on this picture for access to my budget cheat-sheet & run your household like a boss! Instant Access!

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Here’s your awesome list of $20 Christmas gift ideas suggestions: For a less stressful and less expensive holiday season for you! 15 Gift Ideas

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unique christmas gifts

Overall, my gift list ranges from entertainment, services, leisure, food & drink, useful items, cell phone accessories, travel accessories, adult 21+ beverages, and a few one-size-fits all kind of gift card suggestions! I hope you will find quite a few of these gift suggestions helpful:

  • $20 Amazon Gift Card
  • $20 bottle of Jack Daniels
  • $20 in ‘Dunkin Donuts’ fresh ground coffee bags, with a new mug.
  • 7 foot phone plug (*love those!!)
  • Cell phone- car mount for dash board
  • $20 ‘Berts Bees’ Lotion & Lip Balm pack
  • 4 Pack of hip, graphic socks
  • Titanium X-large travel coffee mug
  • Shot glasses & bottle opener
  • Travel charger-pack for Cell phone
  • Wireless Portable speaker for phone
  • $20 bottle of wine
  • $20 local breakfast place- gift card!
  • Nice cocktail ‘rocks’ glasses
  • $20 Uber Gift Card


I would personally love any of these items as a grab-bag holiday gift! & You can even get creative and add some fun DIY packaging, or even put together a little themed basket!!

Whatever your lists, gifts, and plans for the holidays, I hope you find time to take in the precious moments with your loved ones. Savor the holiday. Try and let go of the anxiety. When you have a plan and a budget you are all set! Let go of the stress… Let your body and soul be at peace this Holiday!

& Grab some more mommy home organization tips, please check out my BEST post, click here: Run Your Household Like a Boss


With this gift guide AND access to my exclusive budget cheat sheets, this year you are sure to have a smooth holiday (… without a huge pile of debt, dissapoinment and shock afterwards!).

For my boss-mom advice: focus on the experiences, and what you are most grateful for in your life, this Christmas. Prioritize what is important to you. I know I am so grateful to have another beautiful holiday season with my little elf: Harrison. I love that squishy baby! What more could a mama ask for?



So, what other awesome gift ideas are on your holiday list? How do you maintain a budget as you shop for the holidays?

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I would love to hear from you! Drop a comment below! And please remember to share this post! Thank you, Friends.



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