Sensory Play for Baby: Fun Spaghetti Sensory Play

Sensory Play and Sensory Activities are so important for Baby development. Spaghetti sensory play is a fun activity you can introduce to your baby or toddler for a fun sensory experience! It was fun and learning for the whole family!

Baby Harry and I had such a fantastic and educational experience with this blue spaghetti, and it was simple! So easy AND cheap to make!

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Today, You Can Grab Your Guide to Baby Sensory Play!

  • Why sensory play is so important for your baby’s development
  • How-to guide & Storage
  • Ideas for play
  • Interacting with the whole family
  • Enhancing the experience: using all of our senses

Baby Sensory play

My Harrison loves to be in the kitchen while I cook and prep meals. We are actually in the kitchen most of the day. He either sits in his high chair next to me, or he sits on the floor and crawls around a bit. He already loves to bang pots and pans, play with Tupperware, stir imaginary objects in bowls, and play with finger foods. I thought it would be a blast to include some sensory play with this awesome blue spaghetti. What family doesn’t keep a ton of pasta in the pantry?

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Sensory Play

The spaghetti sensory play was so exciting and unique for him. It was squishy, colorful and it really engaged all of his senses. He was mesmerized! I actually made a huge batch of this crazy green-blue spaghetti and we ended up playing with it for three days!

Sensory play for babies is so extremely important for development.


According to the 2016, Michigan State University Study:

Early childhood educators cannot overstate the importance of sensory play in the educational process. It is the foundation of all the skills children will use in school learning to read, write and solve math and science problems. Once a child has these experiences, they are able to draw upon the body memory and cognitive memory of their experiences when faced with new situations. Further, the process of observation is a skill in and of itself. Keen observation skills give a child an advantage in school and throughout life.” 


As parents, we have a wonderful opportunity to offer our child the proper tools for cognitive development through sensory play. Furthermore, our kids will have a fun and memorable experience while learning!

How-to Make Blue Spaghetti for Sensory Play:

  • Use 1 box of spaghetti, cook per directions
  • drain and put back into pan
  • drizzle 2 TBS olive oil over (to prevent sticking together)
  • squeeze in 1/2 tube blue or green food coloring (or your color choice)
  • mix, cool for 10 min., and play!!
  • it WILL NOT stain your hands! 😉


After we played for about an hour, I put what was leftover into a huge Tupperware bin, and put it into the fridge. I threw out the bits from the floor and walls and what was on top of him… but that is your preference 😉

Sensory Play

Ideas for Sensory Play:

I gave Harry smaller portions at a time. I put a handful of spaghetti into a plastic bowl and he mixed that around for a while. Then I got out another plastic bowl and we dumped it from one bowl to the other bowl, over and over.  Then I threw some little toys in the mix, I would hide them in a pile of spaghetti and he would find them. (Little blocks, letters, cars and action figures). I also put his hands on his tray and then covered his hands with the spaghetti. He thought that was so clever of Mommy! 🙂 Overall: he explored, felt, wiggled, discovered, played and tasted the spaghetti for about an hour! He was in such awe with the color, texture, look and freedom of the whole sensory experience! It was a hit for sure!

Sensory Play

Family Involvement:

Over the next three days we continued playing with the left-over spaghetti. My husband even got involved, so all three of us were playing with it together. It was actually very relaxing and interesting for all three of us!  It was a great activity to advance Harry’s intelligence while having a blast!

Enhancing our Sensory Experience:

We played music along with our sensory play. I had a toddler music station playing in the background. Overall, it was a special, entertaining and unique moment. What a great play time experience for baby Harry and our whole little family!


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sensory play cheat sheet


I hope you will try some spaghetti sensory play with your baby! It was so easy, so affordable, and so much fun! There are so many intellectual benefits of sensory play with babies!

What an exciting time to be a parent! What other sensory play ideas do you like to implement with your kiddo? Please comment and connect with us!

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