Baby Photo Shoot: First Birthday, Sailboat Nautical Theme

Baby Photo Shoot: First Birthday, 1 Year Old Photos, Sailboat Nautical Theme, Tips for Photo Shoot

Tips for your Baby’s First Birthday Photo Shoot: DIY, Creative, Organized, Smooth!

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Baby Photo Shoot First Birthday Sailboat Nautical Birthday 1 Year Old

My Baby, Harrison turns one year old this October! I cannot believe it! How precious he is and how time has truly flown by in his first year. One year old! ahhhh.

To find a loving, tribute Baby letter I wrote to him for his Birthday also, click here.

Today I will also give you some tips to stay organized, prepared and HAPPY for Baby’s DIY- 1 year old photo shoot. This will also help with any family photo shoot in the future!

Here is also a guide to keeping your Family and Household Organized Every day, like the Boss Mama you are: (You can Click on this Photo as well <——-) IMG_0433


I would say our photo session was beautiful and successful! Harry was cooperative, happy, playful and engaged. And the whole process took about 25 minutes! That’s it! 

Birthday or Family Photo Session BRILLIANT Tips: 

Happiest time of day

Full belly

Close location for photos: Natural light is best and I adore outdoor photo sessions.

Go with the flow, as the parent.

Not tired

Props prepared

Bib or cover on baby until the second you start

Outfit prepared & backup outfit for accidents also prepared

Person with Personality Photographer: My Professional reference & suggestion is ‘MELISSA ROSE PHOTOGRAPHY’. (Chicago area).  You WANT the photographer to interact with you. It makes for wonderful pictures and and a fun experience. It will reflect in your photos. You don’t want to just fake-smile at a lens for 25 minutes. You want to laugh and interact with each other. You want Baby to feel comfortable and happy! Thank God we were able to use ‘MELISSA ROSE PHOTOGRAPHY’, & an exclusive session with Melissa-Rose, herself! She came out to our location for the photos! So awesome.

Everyone is raving about the high quality photos & fun memories she captured. We were so lucky she was available for this photo shoot! I am so grateful to her!

** If you are in the Chicago-land area, and in need of a photographer for an upcoming event, just send me an email, I would LOVE to share ‘MELISSA ROSE PHOTOGRAPHY’ contact with you. She is my GEM. She is amazing with Babies and Families, she has a wonderful kind personality, and she has a fresh eye. She also got into the craziest spots to get that perfect picture of Harry! hahaha.  If you are in need of a photographer- just message me! (She books up, but I would be happy to send you her contact info!, Chicago & Illinois area.)


Tip your photographer! And stay loyal to the same one, if you like their work. They will get used to shooting photos of your baby, and your family will get used to them also! MELISSA ROSE PHOTOGRAPHY has done about 4 photo shoots for us already! With our one-year old! 🙂 We’ve created a relationship with her, and It works out wonderfully for the both of you!

A toy or shaker to hold behind the camera for baby to look at and engage with, I bring Harry’s Favorite toys- something that makes noise usually, and She can hold it up behind the camera if he gets antsy.

I am Happy to get one great photo of Harry, and One great photo of the 3 of us together. anything extra is above-and-beyond! Honestly, she just kept snapping and snapping pictures. She took probably 300 in the 25 minute-session. From there, you can expect to go in and get 4-5 great shots out of that. Maybe even 10 or so. But as I said, once I get my one great shot, I am a happy mama! … Realistic Expectations!

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Don’t over-schedule. Keep pretty relaxed the rest of the day. Don’t go to music class, and the zoo, and grandma’s house and then expect to do an amazing photo shoot with a happy baby. Just let the photos be the big event for him that day! He doesn’t know whats going on- its all just play to him. MAKE IT FUN.


Read baby’s cues. When he’s fussy or tired- thats it. Photo session done. Period.

Overall, it was a wonderful day, and a happy & successful photo session for Harrison, and our whole family! I am so grateful to have these snapshot memories of us, as well as the precious memory of the day we had together. This actually all took place on our Condo property! Outside our own door! It is moments like these that I feel so grateful for what we have, and so incredibly grateful for Harrison. He is our whole world… as you can probably see ?



I hope this post touched your heart! What other great tips do you utilize for wonderful pictures of your baby? Don’t Forget to Pin and Share! Thank you.


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