A Letter to my Baby on your First Birthday: You Made me a Mom

I am so grateful to have documented this letter to my baby on your first birthday. You can cherish this letter for years to come, my precious baby. I will always hold our first memories together in my heart, as you grow each day. I love you.


A Letter to My Baby: To my first born, my boy, on your first birthday. You made me a mom.

You always be the little boy who changed my life, my sweet and serious, squishy and lovable Harrison. You have graced this world for 365 days. Making everyone fall in love with you. With your serious “thinker” side and also your silly, giggley, flirty side.

I wrote you this letter to say, What a joy it has been to have you in our life!

We wanted you for so long! You were meant for us! We are so blessed to have you.

I felt such excitement, and yet such a sense of peace when I was (finally) expecting you. I am normally a pretty anxious person, but with you I always felt calm, secure and confident. From the time you were just beginning to grow, I felt connected to you. I was keeping you safe. You are precious. You have shaped me into the best  mom and best person I can be. And for nine wonderful month you were just mine! You felt my heartbeat. I will always treasure that. Nothing could prepare me for the emotions I felt when I first saw you. I dreamt of that day for so long, I imagined it all. But I had no idea that I was lucky enough to get you! Mommy and Dada wanted to be surprised, so we did not find out about you. You came into the world of October 5, with Bob Marley’s: ‘Is this love’ playing. It WAS love!

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My Baby, You were the best day of my life!

From the first moment I saw you, held you and we touched, it was by far the best day of my life! I knew that I was ready to be your mom, and you were mine to keep.

You are one year old!

This October, you are one year old! You always hear people say how fast time goes, but now that you are here – it’s just unbelievable. I want time to slow, I want to savor every moment for a little bit longer. I want to remember you as a baby. Your tiny hands, you’re a little giggles, the precious coos, sleeping on my chest…

I am always here for you:

I want to protect you from the world just a bit longer. However I know that is selfish of me, I will never hold you back. Instead I will be here to encourage you, to challenge you, hug you and support you always. This year has been the best year of my life! You have taught me more than you could ever know; more than I ever thought possible.

You are my sweet boy:

You are my angel, my precious baby, my chill boy, my Harry, my peaches. You are the kindest, smartest and most patient and HAPPY baby I have ever known. You continue to amaze us every single day. Today as I watch you grow into an independent, thoughtful sweet, and confident little toddler. I can’t wait to see what your future holds and to see the child and man you will become! I also just want these baby days alone with you to slow down. You will always be my first born, my number one… You made me a mom.

So far I have given you:

So far I have given you: 1 million kisses per day, we have danced 1000 dances, you have eaten a hundred pears, we’ve sang infinity songs, we have swam, played, giggled, crawled, pulled the grass out, hiccuped, tickled, and meowed together every day!

You’ll always be my precious baby

the one who taught me patience, the one who shaped me into the best version of myself. You will always be the one who made my life, the one who taught me what it means to unconditionally love someone. The one who taught me the definition of a bond between a mother and her son. You taught me how to be selfless, and that it’s no longer all about me. I’ve also realized you need me as much as I need you.

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letter to my baby, on your first birthday

Some of my favorite moments:

Some of my favorite moments in your first year include: when you would fall asleep on my chest, I could feel you breathe and feel your warmth. I love holding you in the baby carrier. I love showing you off to our large family for the first time. Everyone adores you! You really were a breath of fresh air for our whole family. I will treasure those first days, it was just us and you were so tiny and precious. I love to watch you sleep so happy and peaceful. I love hearing you laugh for the first time. I still love it when you laugh, it’s the best sound in the world! I cannot get enough. My heart melts when you say mama. I love that you really discover and learn objects and toys. You have such an inquizzical mind; I love that about you. I love when you sleep with your butt in the air in your crib… It’s all I’ve ever wanted in my life, a baby that sleeps with his butt in the air!

In your future:

In your future: I will teach you to be kind, and open-minded. I hope you will always have your patience and empathy for others. I always want you to live a healthy lifestyle, I want you to work hard and understand the worth of things. I want you to have a level head. I want you to be thrifty as I am. I want you to follow your whims. I want you to find wealth in the moments and cherish people & the great times. I want you to know who you are and be confident in your choices. I want you to stand up for yourself and those who cannot stand up for themselves. I want you to be creative and find interests you love.  I want you to have music in your life and movement. I wanted to be connected to the Earth. I will always respect your true choices. I want you to travel and explore. I hope you see and make the world a better place. I want you to read and think for yourself. I want you to talk with everyone you can, and I want you to listen. I will love you for who you are. I will always support you. I want you to love and I want you to be happy. That’s all moms ever want… happiness for their baby.

I love you Harry, my first-born. My baby. On your first birthday! You are more than words could ever describe. You are my baby, now and forever. Thank you for being you, and being so special. And remember how loved you are by everyone! I will hold you every day and tell you that I love you. I will not take these baby moments with you for granted. Please know how truly special you are, how cherished you are, and how you have changed our lives for the good, forever.

I love you. Love, Mama.

-Written for Harrison from Kelly (mom)


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