3 Brilliant Diaper Hacks!

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Diapers! EVERY baby uses them. A lot. The average baby goes through 6-9 diaper changes a day.  And that’s just for one kid! My best friend has twins!!  Mommies need 8 hands… or some really great mommy-hacks to win the day!

Here are 3 Brilliant Diaper Hacks, you can start to utilize with your kiddos- NOW! 

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Let’s start with-

  • Tip #1- Storing Diapers / Stockpile 

I will simply give you a tip for clever diaper storage, especially those of you savy shoppers that buy your diapers in bulk, or have already stock-piled them. Especially with the popularity of ‘diaper raffles’ for baby showers, so many new mommies are lucky enough to have many extras & multiple sizes! I was extremely blessed and so grateful to have more than plenty for Harrison!! I even charted the sizes and brands I had in stock!

I was getting excited about my diaper log! Anyway, here is my clever diaper storage hack for them all: Spacebags!  Empty those delivery boxes of diapers into your Spacebags, then store under a bed, or on a high closet shelf! You would be shocked at how many actually fit in the Spacebag. It saves a ton of room and it keeps your prized diaper stockpile safe & dry until you need them again for the next Kiddo, or to donate to a friend! You can feel confident storing those small diapers that no longer fit your sweetie. I swear Harry outgrows his diapers just when I open a new pack! And I always find extra smaller diapers that I’ve hidden in bags, dressers, my trunk, my parents house, and under the bathroom sink- apparently. 😉 Save them for baby #2 or #3! Confidently store those diapers securely in Spacebags!


My last 2 tips will help you as you are changing baby’s diaper:

  • Tip #2- Easy-On Method/Pre-load 

So, for this brilliant mama hack, I want you to pre-load your clean diaper, before you change baby. What does that mean? This is what you do: as soon as you lay him down to change his dirty diaper, open a fresh diaper and lay it out right under the one he has on. Now it is pre-loaded. So you set it up before you take off the dirty diaper. (The soiled diaper never actually comes into contact with the fresh one). Then simply go about changing the dirty diaper and the next one is all set, right there already. This is particularly helpful for changing newborns, with their ‘active’ and somewhat surprising digestive track. Harry gave us a few shocking diaper-surprises when he was a newborn! This pre-loaded diaper trick is also handy for mischievous and curious toddlers who will not lay down for 3 seconds! When I showed my husband, Stefan this trick- he was blown away! Game- changer! He thought I was so brilliant. Which I am, hahahaha  😉


  • Tip #3- Trap His Hands

This is a onesie trick I used especially when Harry was a newborn. In order to keep his arms more controlled, I rolled the bottom of his onesie up over his arms and shoulders. So his hands were tacked down over his chest. You go about changing his diaper, and then you roll the onesie back down and snap it. It’s only for about 40 seconds, and he didn’t seem to notice or mind. It helped him to not whack himself with his flailing arms when he was a newborn. As he became more interested in moving around, it helped me to control him a bit more on the changing table. Now that Harry is 10-months old, he tries to roll, flip, crawl, dance and sit up while I change his diaper. Little monkey!

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no more teething on the crib

As Harry grows, I also like to use ‘distraction toys’ on his changing table. I place little trinkets and hand-held toddler toys in a ‘diaper organization station’ next to his changing mat.  I have also learned to change out the toys every week or so. This keeps his interest and curiosity blooming, while he lays still for 1 minute! Look at that sassy smirk! He really is my inquisitive boy!


I Hope these brilliant diaper hacks are helpful for you with your baby! Try one of them today!

What are some other tricks you like to use?? 

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2 thoughts on “3 Brilliant Diaper Hacks!

  1. I also use trick number 2!! Believe it or not, my husband did it! It can be a life saver!

    I love the idea about using storage bags for leftover diapers?????

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