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Lets talk about teething. Guh.  I swear, as soon as your brand new baby emerges, someone would sassily say: wait till they start teething! (Undoubtedly, someone without kids… hahahaha) Still a dreaded time for parents, and a painful experience for baby! Luckily, we don’t remember it!

What is so interesting, is that the teething process for babies can differ so much.  My cousin’s baby started cutting teeth at four months, on the other hand: one of my nephews didn’t get teeth until after he was a year old! You never know. The teeth come when they are ready to.

My little Dragon: chewing on EVERYTHING!!

Harry started the teething process with the iritated/sore gums, chewing on everything, hands constantly in the mouth, and drooling- at about 5 months. But he did not cut his first tooth until 7 1/2 months. It takes forever! At that point he was cutting multiple teeth, and more on top vs. bottom- which is pretty unique. It’s a sign of being a genius, I think ;). Hahahahahah

I have 11+ years experience with nannying kiddos. I am the oldest in my very large family, I have also witnessed my baby cousins, and nieces and nephews all teething, and now with my own baby, Harry: I have gathered some helpful tips & recommended products to soothe your baby’s painful teething process. I’m also offering some helpful homeopathic tips for healthy oral hygiene!  

Let me also state: I am not a professional, I am not a Pediatrician nor Pediatric Dentist. I just know what has WORKED for my baby, as well as the kiddos I have taken care of! And I know we just want them to have some relief as they endure this mandatory, painful process!

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no more teething on the crib

And here are your helpful and homeopathic tips to give your little one some teething relief:

Homeopathic drops

These are wonderful to use if you were trying to avoid any medications. They can be administered all day, up to every 15 minutes!  And the packaging says it does not interfere with any medications, if baby must take any.  Harry seems to like taking these little drops, and they DO help!!!

Another wonderful homeopathic option is to use Essential Oils.  They are amazing! I prefer the ‘doTERRA‘ brand for it’s pure elements! I have been using doTERRA essential oils for my entire family for years now!  We constantly diffuse it, or roll it directly on.  There also endless ways to use in your home such as: home cleaning products, toothpaste replacement, air purifier, replacement for perfume & for overall health support!  I actually give credit to doTERRA Essential Oils in supporting my successful Fertility. But we can delve deeper into that subject in another post.

For teething, I mix three drops of doTERRA ‘Peppermint Oil’, with 2 tablespoons of organic pure coconut oil into a small glass dish. I simply use my clean finger to rub directly into his gums and teeth.  This combination works right away for Harry, it is safe and healthy for ingestion, and I’m confident doTERRA is of the highest quality.  Peppermint & Coconut oil are also anti-fungal properties in your system.   Also great for your tummy and your overall health!

Here is a helpful link for more information on doTERRA products and purchasing:


Amber teething necklace

This is also a wonderful homeopathic option. I heard my mommy-friends talking about the amber necklace for teething, so I Did some research. We did purchase one for Harry on Amazon and it truly seems to help so much! He wears it all day and does not even know is that it’s there. Let me be clear: It is for him to wear, it is NOT to chew on. It is not very long either, I feel confident letting him safely wear it all day (while awake). We take it off for sleep.

Here are more manufacturing details on the Amber Teething Necklace directly from Amazon’s listing: “Anti-Flammatory & Succinic Acid Immune System Boosting Properties. 100% Made Of Real Baltic Amber.
Teething Pain, Drooling & Fussiness Reduce.
Safety knotted (Amber Bead), Hand Crafted with the Highest Quality Standard on the Market. 32-33cm Long.”

Sassy Teether & Chewies:

Of course you can always use classic frozen chewies, teethers and rings, to give baby some relief.

Specifically, I love to put a chunk of frozen banana in the ‘Sassy Teether‘, which is a great option if he is not self-feeding confidently yet, also. He can hold this awesome, relatively new, innovation while securely feeding himself with the piece of fruit or frozen food inside the net of the mechanism. He loves it! It safely offers him a snack, teething relief, as well as keeps him busy for 20 to 40 minutes! He’s fascinated by this little sassy teether! Look at him loving it! Such a love bug!!


And finally, Baby’s first toothbrush!  I have done a lot of research on oral care for infants and babies. Of course, I only want the best, healthiest future for Harrison. I have decided this is the best option for my baby. I love the design of the ‘baby banana toothbrush’. Harry loves to use it, he does not put up a fight, he smiles when I come near him with it. I use a gentle, slow brushing motion, to his top row and bottom row. We clean all 7.5 adorable teeth as he giggles  😉


Noteworthy: I have read in multiple sources, including: the latest articles in PARENTING magazine, that baby Orajel should NOT be used anymore.

These are all some great homeopathic tips for helping is your babies teething pain. I hope this offered some insight into how you can help your precious Little! 

What other techniques do you like to use for teething? We love to hear from you!!

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