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We travel pretty often. It seems like every weekend we are running around! We take Harry to visit with family, swimmimg, vacations, road trips, picnics, city events, parks, birthdays, holidays… So much excitement, & we want to absorb it all!


When your little ones are on a specific schedule, sometimes it poses a challenge for your travel plans. His food we can pack up & take anywhere with us. Here are some tips for Easily Making a One Month Supply of Organic Baby Food. But sometimes in the summer, his sleep schedule is altered for the day, which can be tough on everyone.

How can we make it easier for Harrison to nap while we travel? After many years of nannying, and now having my own baby as well, I’ve come up with some tips for Sleep & Travel with your baby: 

  • Utilize sound machine or white noise

I swear by this routine!  I truly feel we ALL sleep better with a constant, low, white noise sound to block out the distracting noises while we are trying to rest.  For babies, this specifically emulates the sound they here in the room. Babies & Kids can also be trained to have the same routine: the white noise when they go to sleep. It triggers the mind to relax and the body to decompress and rest.  It is specifically extremely helpful to travel with a white noise machine. We love our travel machine- and it hooks right to Harry’s car seat. It can be used in the car, or you can take it to a hotel or a friends house for nap time routine.  I never leave home without ours! It’s extremely calming for all of us!

  • Carrier or Baby Wrap

If you are in a situation that baby will not sleep: the baby wrap can be extremely helpful. Maybe he needs the comfort & closeness of having you hold him. Or maybe you simply aren’t in a place you can set up a playpen.  I still utilize our Baby K’tan wrap when we are at the beach. There is just too much excitement for him to lay down in a pack and play, it is not practical. I will wrap him in his carrier, and we will walk around for about 10 minutes. He usually falls asleep right on me, and then I can sit down in my beach chair & relax with him. Sigh. I actually take the white noise machine with us when we go to the beach also! I set it up next to us while he naps on me! He cannot go without a nap(s), and it pretty much works every time! Mamas gotta do what mamas gotta do! Am I right? And bonus- you can wear him directly in the water in the awesome cotton baby K’tan wrap. (They come in different sizes, as baby grows also!)  See my post about Safety Swimmimg Tips with Kids! 

  • Mini crib mattress for pack & play

THIS IS GOLD!! We all know babies hate sleeping in the Playpen. Even though you must use it every so often. It simply doesn’t feel like their crib at home! The mattress is all of 1/2 inch thick, and after 4 or 5 months- most babies move around so much when they sleep, it’s not comfortable. We started out with a mini crib for Harrison. We were first living in a one bedroom apartment in this city, Chicago.  Luckily we have been blessed to move to a larger place now. We have also gotten him a larger crib in the process. However, I saved his mini crib mattress to utilize for travel. It’s firm and thick, just like a regular crib mattress & it actually fits in the ‘Pack and Play’ perfectly! It may not be the recommended thickness by the ‘Pack and Play’ brand, but it absolutely works, and I feel VERY confident that he is SAFE and happy utilizing the system!

Here is the mini crib mattress we utilized:

We have been taking both the Pack and Play and the awesome mini crib mattress with us when we travel now. It was also wonderful to offer an extra crib when my Sister-in-Law visited us with her baby (same age-10 months!), they napped together in Harrison’s room!


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no more teething on the crib-2


I have been telling all my mommy friends about my travel sleep tips!!

Once we utilized the thicker mattress, it felt more like home for Harry. He was comfortable! And successfully napped! Win!!

My last Travel Sleep tips for your precious Kiddos:

  • Lovie! Of course!! (comfort item)
  • Shirt or a Blankie that smells like home/ smells like Mommy. 
  • Stick to regular routine (eat, sleep) as much as you can! 


Overall, enjoy this time. Go on adventures! Travel- see the world! Absorb is all!!! Take pictures, jot down the memories!  He will never be this young again. Tear… hahahahah. It’s all truly going by so fast for us with Harrison!  I can’t believe he’s 10 months old already! This is such a fun age. I love to be able to travel with him and especially to visit our family. We are so blessed to have him, and so blessed to have so much loving family and opportunity around us!!


Capture every moment: 


Thank you for visiting Little Hat Family today!!

I hope these little travel sleep tips were helpful to you! If you liked this post please share on Facebook and Pinterest!!

What other ideas do you utilize with your little ones while traveling?? We love to hear from you!

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