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Holding your baby in your loving arms is the best feeling. Especially after day dreaming about your precious baby for 9 months. I am so happy & content holding Harrison 23.5 hours of the day 😉 hahahaha. He is actually a very curious 9 month old. He is already pretty independent, and he loves to explore! However, sometimes mommy needs a moment to herself! And I need to feel confident leaving my baby in a secure playpen or baby carrier for a small amount of time.

This post will help you Find trustworthy activities & carriers for your baby! 


Activities & holders for your baby can be categorized by babies age. These personal recommendations have worked very well for us with Harrison! They keep him busy, happy and safe in his area- while you run to the washroom or make a quick sandwich!

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  • Rockin co-sleeper

This co-sleeper was such a life-saver with our baby, Harry. He slept in this for the first 3 1/2 months. We had it right next to our bed at night, and during the day we brought it from room to room. It snuggles him wonderfully, and it rocks to soothe him as well!! This is the exact model we used: I honestly didn’t know I wanted one until we received one as a gift! When he was very young it was such a great option not only to hold him, but also for him to sleep in!

  • Bouncie chair

Harry loved his bouncie chair. He used to get his right foot going, bouncing himself- and then promptly crack himself up! He first discovered our kitty circling & protecting him, while he was in his bouncie chair! We actually loved it so much we bought two of them! One to keep at our place and one for my parent’s house! We used this until he was about 6.5 months old! The chair also vibrates and has a optional toy tray insert. The vibration is gentle & wonderful for a fussy baby!

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  • Walker

Walkers are great when your kiddo outgrows the bouncy seat, can hold his head up by himself, and is exploring his leg & core strength. It is so adorable when they discover that they can actually control and move it themselves. Harry loves to play with the cabinet knobs in his walker! I appreciate that the smart, modern design protects from any objects getting caught underneath it, and it’s pretty resistant to bumping into other objects as well! The height level can be adjusted and it also plays songs! This is the one we have

  • Swing

The baby swing option is a nice change of pace for him.  It allows for a secure, relaxing movement with no effort on his part. This allows your baby to have a few moments to himself; to relax and get into a calming rhythm. It also plays music or sound effects. A lot of swings also allow for side AND forward motion as well! This is the swing we had, Harry used to fall asleep in it. Whenever he was having a challenging time, I would put him in the swing and it would ease his fussiness right away!

  • Jumparoo

This chair is unique because of it’s specific jumping motion. It does wonders in developing baby’s leg strength! Babies crack up when they realize they have control over the jumping action. I like that it does not necessarily walk, or swing, but deals with jumping securely in one stationary place. The seat is very strong & trustworthy! It has a great design. Harry loves to be in the jumparoo chair when I am cooking. We sing together & the chair plays music! It also has lots of toys and trinkets attached for him to play with; you can also change the height level!

  • Play yard

Now that Harry is nine months old, he is pulling himself up, he is crawling super fast, & he is getting into lots of mischief! He is also very excited about chasing our cat. I am so glad I found this option: the play yard! To contain this little ball of energy! He is in and out of it through the day. He is great with independent play, and I feel secure enough to leave him to play in the play yard. I can run to the washroom, or make some tea. The super cool part is- we actually combined 2 sets of these play yards, (universal) so our entire living room is a play yard now! Harry loves it, it offers him freedom and security. He loves playing with the toys built into the wall, he loves to pull himself up on the walls, and he loves peeking through the slats. I would recommend this specific model. It is very sturdy, even when he pulls and plays on the sides- it remains secure!


There are endless options of toys and seats for your baby, these are the ones we use and love! In most of the pictures & memories I have of Harry- he is utilizing one of the items I mentioned!

I would highly recommend the products on my list because of their high quality, great stability, security, & fun entertainment value for your baby!

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I was either gifted All of these items and LOVED them, or I actually sought them out!

What are some more Baby items your little ones love? I would love to hear from you.

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