The Mommy Guide to Managing Your Household like a Boss!


Every mommy can use some extra help managing the home. Here is Your Mommy Guide to Managing Your Household Like a Boss! Let’s dominate your to-do list, budget your bills, ban the home clutter, plan your week and organize your schedule!

Becoming a mom is the most wonderful and yet, frightening milestone! I sure felt like I needed a guide! Trading in my single gal card for my ‘mommy badge’ was definitely the next step in the grand plan for myself & my family! I have 11+ years of nannying professionally in Chicago. I also come from a huge family. I am the oldest and I have been surrounded by kids and babies my whole life. I couldn’t wait to start a family of our own! My baby, Harrison is such a huge blessing to our family. He’s everything I’ve always wanted! But with the shift into motherhood, I also felt the pressure of modern mommies that have to “do it all “. I know I needed to keep the home organized and also tend to the baby. But how do I balance these? When Harry was a newborn my own mom would say, “Mommies need eight hands!” How true! I admire moms who seem to glow and thrive in the chaos of multiple kids, schedules & activities: a shining example of balancing it all!

Most days I actually feel like that mom! I manage to wash my hair, make dinner, prep homemade baby food, do a little yoga, remember to feed the cat: all while singing the 25 verses of ‘The Wheels on the Bus’. Hahahah.

Other days: I never make it out of my pj’s, I eat pretzels for all 3 meals, I run the same dishwasher load 2 times in a row… but the wheels on the bus keep going around! It’s all about balance!

At least I know Harry is well taken care of, and he is happy. Some days, that is all I need.

Harry is nine months old, and I finally feel like I have a handle on our daily schedule. This is also a fluid concept. Whenever I think I have it down, It changes again- motherhood! I try to read his cues and follow his needs. After years of nannying I have also learned what works best for managing a household with kids.

I will share with you: the Mommy Guide to managing your household like a Boss! By utilizing these tips, I have maintained an organized home, a balanced schedule, full tummies & play time: which help create a fun atmosphere and thriving household!


  • To Stay Organized, Get a Planner & utilize it well! 

I am definitely a Type-A, highly organized personality. Our entire schedule, activities, notes and life is written in my weekly planner.  I actually wanted this mommy-planner so badly that I put it on my Christmas list (dorky, I know) ;). I love it! I use it every day!  It makes me feel controlled and organized. Here is an example of how I utilize my planner for: appointments, family events, babysitters, reminders, play dates, bills, meal planning, chores, doctor visits, baby milestones & notes, work schedules… Anything you need to keep track of!  I specifically love this brand planner for the well organized layout, large weekly pages and the fun milestones stickers and appointment reminders- in the front of the book! Im geeking out over it!!



  • Food shop once a week to optimize your schedule: 

Over the weekend I prepare a meal plan, then in the beginning of the week I go shopping once- for the whole week. At this stage in our family life- I tend to make a lot of casseroles, soups, and prep ahead meals, which makes it very easy to have leftovers, reheat and be able to eat all week! Harry likes to shop with me, which is great!  He is entertained, and hopefully this will lay a good foundation for healthy, nutritional choices in his future.

Organized Home


  • Simplicity: Cook once a week

Generally I cook once for the whole week. On a Monday or Tuesday, usually while Harry naps, I take two hours and cook or prep food in bulk for the week. I can also make & freeze full meals for later use, as well. As of right now, only my husband and myself are eating these meals. Baby Harry eats my organic puréed homemade baby food. (That I make only once per month!) As I mentioned, we eat a lot of casseroles and soups. I love utilizing my old school crock pot!  I also love to make smoothies, and homemade yogurt parfait’s for lunch or snack. My tip is: Utilize whatever works for your family. Make your favorite meals – 3 or 4 per week, in bulk. (8-10 total servings per person). This allows for an easy-going week: lunches and dinners ready for you, all week long! My meals almost always include: a meat, a veggie & a carb in each meal. We love fruit all of the time! I suggest having the fresh foods earlier in the week: fruits, tomatoes, avocado, fresh bread, etc. and then work your way to the frozen, canned, and pantry goods later in the week. Knowing I have meals prepped or fully made, ready to go, helps so much with the stress of maintaining our daily routine!

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  • Keep Your Schedule Simple, Make baby food once a month:

This is actually SUPER simple & easy! Please see my post: 1 month supply of organic fresh baby food. You will be able to provide your kiddo with a much healthier alternative to commercial- jar baby food. AND you will actually SAVE money!! It only takes one day, and about 2 hours-total to make a 1-month supply of nutritional, organic baby food you can freeze for future use! Killin it!! 😉


  • Touch only Once- Rule for Super Household Organization: 

This concept refers to having less clutter, and more organization in your home. ‘Touch once’  simply refers to picking up an item and putting it directly away where it belongs. Don’t put it off & allow the item to float around the home. For example: you needed toothpaste. You went to the store for your regular grocery trip and added it to the list. The toothpaste made it home with you. After you unloaded the groceries, it ended up on your kitchen table… For 4 days. Then one night, instead of walking around and eating your dinner at 9:30pm- as you were simultaneously doing laundry, you actually cleared the table and had a respectable family meal! The toothpaste was moved to the counter. Now you’ve touched it 3 times: when you bought it, when you unloaded it, when you moved it to the counter again days later. It still did not land in the bathroom/ linen closet, where it belongs. You should have unloaded it and put it into the appropriate place right away. Touch it once. This applies to everything in your house. Unload the groceries directly into the fridge. Fold the laundry and bring it directly to the dresser. Open the bills, throw the trash away, file the important papers. Finish the task at hand. Little daily choices & mindfulness will help you declutter your home and save you time overall.


simple budget


  • Only Three items on your to do list per day, optimize your time:

This does not include cooking, cleaning, laundry, or any quality time with the baby.  This refers to personal projects, unique chores, special items, personal time, calls to make, HGTV, creative skills, social networking 😉 etc. KEEP THE LIST REALISTIC and attainable, and generally allow 45 min for each item. Aim for about 3 items per day. This will allow you to be productive but also realistic with your goals.

  • Do 1 to 2 loads of laundry every day During Either Naps or when Kids go to Bed, Stay on top of your organization: 

I actually start our loads of laundry right away in the morning.  Then I can change it over to the dryer and fold it, hopefully by the time he goes down for his nap after lunch. I consider that approach as being ahead of the game. If the day has been crazy, my backup plan is to fold it at night when Harry goes to bed!

  • Plan activities when your baby is the happiest during the day

Don’t fight nature, and your child’s natural rhythm. My view to keep overall schedules running smooth- is that parenting is not generally about your own schedule- it’s about your baby.

After Harry wakes from his first nap in the early afternoon he is alert, happy, excited and ready to conquer the day! This is generally the best time for us to schedule our play dates, outings, going for a walk, family visits, or going to the pool, etc. He is cooperative, joyful & observant! Then we come home in the late afternoon & he sleeps again for about 45 minutes before dinner. This works for us, for now. I am sure this will be morphing soon…

  • Run the dishwasher every night & wipe down the counters & appliances

Stay on top of this simple chore to keep things running smoothly in your kitchen, and to keep up with cleanliness and sanitation. It only takes 5 minutes, and you don’t want the dirty dishes to pile up. It also sets you up for success for the next morning!  I love going to bed knowing that I took care of everything in the kitchen and it is all clean!

  • My BRILLIANT Organization Mommy Tip: Have everything delivered!

Consider having anything you purchase on a regular basis delivered: especially baby items- so you never run out! I use Amazon Prime for EVERYTHING!! I love the ‘Subscribe & Save’ specifically for diapers, wipes, formula, toilet paper, paper towels, soaps, toothpaste, light bulbs, etc. ‘Subscribe and Save’ is a no-brainer for me. Amazon will even make recommendations per product, based on how often most buyers generally go through the product! Pretty cool. Not only does this service save time, you do not have to drag your baby out to another store. This service also relieves you & your tight budget of any extra glittery impulse purchases you might encounter while you are out!


  • My Final Boss-Mama House Management tips: 

Keep up communication with your partner, and to accept ANY help that is offered, from anyone! Yes crazy aunt, come on over and hold the baby while I take a shower, please! As much as mommies may want to maintain control, sometimes you have those days where everything falls apart. Sometimes you have to reevaluate, sometimes you have to go with the flow, sometimes you have to sit in the uncomfort of the chaos, sometimes you have to drink wine and eat pretzels! It all balances out!! You are doing your best! Tomorrow is another day. Your kiddos always love and appreciate you! You are a BOSS-Mom!


I hope these Boss-Mama Tips have given you some confidence in Maintaining & Managing your home for a Thriving Household!



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7 thoughts on “The Mommy Guide to Managing Your Household like a Boss!

  1. Hi Kelly,after read it sound i can learn from you more,my 1st son 6th years,2nd 1,5 year and im on going 5 weeks pregnancy ,and im working mom too,can i balance it with ur tips,my office hour 8-5 pm,saturday-sunday free time,my firs son still on 1st elemntary,2nd still too little and will 2 years till our 3rd baby will born

    1. Hi Patsi, thank you for your kind words! It sounds like you have a full house! I can take someone tips from you, I am sure! Soak up all the memories & moments with those little ones! And remember to take a moment for mommy, too!
      Thanks for your comment & support!

    1. Hi Lauren,
      Actually I follow an awesome Yoga Youtubr lady, ‘Yoga with Adrienne’. As I lovingly refer to my yoga sessions as living room yoga 😉 HahahHa. But I keep a pretty good regime, as my baby naps! Don’t have to leave on a nasty winter day! 😉
      I invite you to try her YouTube yoga Chanel, her personality is the best! It feels like a good friend in the tool with you 🙂
      Thanks for your comment today!! Love to hear from you!

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