Babies and music: Boost your Baby’s Intelligence and Creativity

Your Guide to Babies and Music. Here is everything you need to know about Boosting your baby’s intelligence, creativity and joy with music! Your baby needs music in his life. Let’s discover the many ways you can integrate music in your baby’s daily routine!

Music has been such a huge part of my life since I was a baby, myself. It is deeply important to me that my baby, Harrison enjoy music in his life as well!!  Musical toys are already his favorite toys to play with. And he loves to sing and talk, experiment with rhythms, and test out his voice! In our home, we play toddler tunes all day long! He has even played the piano! He sits on my grandma’s lap at the piano bench; he adores music.


Why Music Was so Important to my Creativity and Joy:

Singing, music, and the piano are so greatly tied to my happy memories with my Grandma Mae. She is known to be the musical entertainer in our family and I am always ready to sing along with her! We’ve been a little musical duo ever since I can remember. It warms my heart to think of how she helped cultivate my love for music, the arts, my creativity, passion, and rhythm! We are so blessed to have my Grandma Maesie, and such wonderful family values in our life. We also have such a rare opportunity in my family for 4 generations to still be together: my baby Harry, myself, my mom Jean and Grandma Mae. She adores baby Harry, and already plays for him and sings to him constantly. Our favorite tune to play him is “I’m just Wild About Harry”. He is equally as enthralled with her, and the piano.

Babies and Music


Babies exposed to music and the arts thrive intellectually & creatively!

I love involving babies in music classes. I worked as a professional nanny in Chicago for over 11 years. I would always be on the go with the kids to a toddler music or dance class. These children were simply fascinated to utilize instruments hands-on, to hear the piano, tap the drum and hear the guitars and singers. I have witnessed music bringing kids such joy, musical creativity, and amazing energy. They love to be in a social environment where they can hear melodies, remain active & involved, and experience a musical social setting. For some little ones, exposure and involvement with music even brings them out of their shell. I deeply respect the hands-on, developmental class experience they receive as they utilize the sensory toys, shakers and kiddy instruments. After witnessing this joy for years as a nanny, I strive to also expose my little Harry to such a wonderful, creative, musical experience.

musical toys


According to ‘Psychology Today’, 2014 article, writer, Bergland, states the benefits of musical training: “Musicians have an enhanced ability to integrate sensory information from hearing, touch, and sight. Beginning training before the age of seven has been shown to have the greatest impact. The age at which musical training begins affects brain anatomy as an adult. Brain circuits involved in musical improvisation are shaped by systematic training, leading to less reliance on working memory and more extensive connectivity within the brain.”, (Bergland, Psychology Today, 2014).

This fascinating study is further proof that children benefit immensely from musical involvement, from a young age. 



How Can You Easily Integrate Music Into Your Baby’s Life: 

There are endless options to expose your little ones to a musical experience; simple to complex, on any budget. Your options may include:

  • Ongoing social musical classes
  • Professional private music lessons
  • Instrumental, voice or dance training
  • Simply playing music in your home (radio, ipod, Prime music, etc).
  • Offering musical toys!
  • Real instruments are always an option: piano keyboard, marracas, shakers, mini drums, a small guitar, tamborine, harmonica, etc.
  • Enjoying concerts, plays, musicals, symphonies, bands, acoustic groups, and any other live musical events together
  • Singing to baby
  • Utilizing interesting rhythms with clapping, tapping, humming & drumming

I have personally utilized all of these music resources for my child’s musical interest:

Specifically, you can also look at toddler music classes offered in your local park district, theater, or center for the arts. (Some are free!) I also love attending free, park concerts that are always going on in the summer! There are also so many restaurants & events that host live music as well!


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no more teething on the crib

Boost Your Baby’s Intelligence with Music: 

As a lover of the arts, I try to cultivate all aspects of art in conjunction with self-expression in children. I love choosing music for my studio, as a professional dance instructor, for the past 11 years. Interestingly, I have witnessed a correlation between a student’s recognition of repetitive tap rhythms with excellence in math skills in school!  I always know when a specific student is successful in math class, because they are usually successful in tap class! Rhythms and patterns seem to come so easily & quickly to certain, intelligent students. I believe they work hand-in-hand, developmentally.



Music is so Strongly Linked to Loving Memories:

Similar to taste and smell, I have personally felt music & melodies transporting myself to a specific loving memory from years past! Music is universal. Music is the language we can all understand: young & old. Babies may not  speak at 6 months old, and yet may still be soothed by a lullaby, soothing rhythms, or a calming symphony. In turn, that 6 month old baby may also become worked up, motivated, upset, excited or agitated by an upbeat, loud or specifically jarring song! Babies are affected by music!

I know you have also seen the numerous YouTube videos of a young child fully asleep, only to be woken up by their absolute favorite song playing. They immediately start dancing and wiggling and smiling! It’s magical and adorable to witness! THAT song is the kicker for them. Children grow attached to certain songs, and music in general, because of the way it makes them feel. Possibly, the loving musical memory could be tied to a great feeling they previously experienced with mom, or grandma, a pet or a friend.


I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to integrate music and the love of arts into your child’s life!

I truly believe music will lead your baby to more joy, creativity & intelligence!

I hope you found this musical guide helpful today! Hopefully music will be come a recognizable & joyous daily routine for you and your baby! Thank you for stopping by Friend!

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