Surviving the Summer with Kiddos!

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? Summertime and the living’s easy ?

We’re full blown into the summer season and drinking up every minute of it! We’re wearing our hats and parading our little crew to the pool, the beach, to fireworks, to picnics & parks, ? to splash pads and play dates!

We want to play hard and stay happy & safe!

Here is your guide to surviving the summer with kiddos! 

Moms want to entertain and inspire little one’s while adventuring into the great outdoors! In Chicago, we wait all year for summer to arrive!!!  This year was especially exciting for my little family: it is my little guy -Harrison’s first summer!! He is 9 months old, and an amazing tiny human! I adore every day with him, as we learn & grow together as a family. He loves activities, he loves to swim, babble and sing, ride in the stroller, play in the sand and crawl in the grass. So many new sensations!! What an amazing time to be alive! I want to focus on fun experiences with him: and not have to stress so much about sunburns, overwhelming heat, water safety, and meltdowns! Here are some mommy tips I have gathered to help you survive summer safely with your cutie kiddos.

  • SPF

I know this can be a controversial subject: SPF and babies. I have done a lot of research myself, and still have arrived at the conclusion that for my family- wearing it is still more beneficial than letting our Harry Sunburn! I would say- just chose a quality brand you trust, try and stay away from the icky chemicals he doesn’t need…  I like Babyganics brand, myself. We also use in conjunction with other means to cover from the sun as well- with our English, Irish skin!


  • Hats!

You knew this was coming, right?!! We can’t get enough HATS in our little hat family!! I’m obsessed with getting new ones for Harry- I specifically look for the protection flap for neck and ear coverage, a strap to Velcro under his chin (double chin, HahahHah) 🙂 and a quality hat made with SPF technology. He actually keeps them on!

Little Hat Family! In our hats, & SPF swim shirts!

I also believe if he is used to having a hat on, he will keep it on. Train them well from the beginning 😉 Here is one we specifically love & use- ‘iPlay sun protection hat’:

  • SPF Swim Gear

This is relatively new: full SPF swim attire. I love that he can wear it directly into the water. And of course it is reliable SPF coverage material. Harry has 2 swim shirts with full sleeves and one that is a full body suit! I love them! As you can see, I even have 2 swim shirts myself! I highly recommend these vs. regular bathing suits.

  • Snacks & water

Even though I was never a Boy Scout, I love their motto – ‘be prepared’. Anywhere we go, I prepare Harry’s water, food and bottles to take with us. You can find more information about Making a 1 month supply of Fresh Organic baby food.  I personally hate the idea of being caught without having what he needs, and having to rely on whatever is available. Or worse- running around desperately, to find what I need for him. I never want him to get dehydrated also; especially playing outside! This also curbs possible meltdowns. Especially at the beach or the pool. Just bring it all! I may be known as ‘the bag lady’, but Harry is happy! He has what he needs. Which means I am happy!!


  • Babies + water safety

Above all, safety is the most important. Use your common sense and be aware! I also have lots of tips and tricks to keep your baby safe while swimming. You can utilize life jackets and swim baby rafts, and of course- your own loving arms! I actually like to wear my cotton baby carrier directly in the pool with Harry! This made me feel more confident lounging in the pool with him, especially by myself. Overall, Just keep those eyes glued to your precious Little’s.


Hopefully these  tips will help you have an enjoyable and safe summer experience with your little ones!!

Thank you for stopping by Little Hat Family today!

What are some other good tips you use to enjoy your summer?? We love to hear from you!

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