How to Swim Safely with Your Baby

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It’s Summer!!! Chicago in July= time for ice cream, the beach, fireworks, lemonade, picnics &… swimming!!

Summertime is exhilarating! For the Midwest folks- it feels like we wait all year for summer to arrive! To let our pastey white skin glow in the warmth of the sun… But when you have kids, swimming can be a big challenge. You worry about their safety in the sun & ESPECIALLY in the water.

Today I will be covering great ideas for How to swim safely with your baby!

Harrison’s first 4th of July!

The genius swim tip I love to offer mommies: 

Swim/ enter pool with baby attached to you! I actually used my baby K’tan cloth wrap to wrap up Harry & directly wear him in the pool with me! It’s light material, it can be washed, and has the extra back strap support. Here is the exact one I use for Harry- we love it!

Our local pool regulars are a bit surprised when I enter the water directly wearing him in the wrap- but once they see the secure fit & the freedom of my arms as well- they understand what a great option it is! Baby wearing also dates back all the way to tribal mothers. The babies would be in mother’s sacks across her chest 24/7! This also promoted the bond between mother & baby, as well as assisted with breast feeding, and reading baby’s cues.

I also feel that I need to listen to Harry’s body language & cues. I know he feels safe with me, and trusts my loving arms to support him. With Harry weighing 22 lbs, I place him in the wrap with his legs out, and arms free, and the wrap supports his tushie from underneath- like a swing. So his head was at the same level as mine, and we were connected chest to chest. He was very secure to my body, and yet still enjoyed being in the pool! I love to rely on it especially when I take him to the pool by myself! I am sure if you had multiple children this idea would greatly assist you!

Overall, swimming with a baby can be intimidating, and this is just my little trick -from a new mommy- to help feel more confident in baby-swim safety! It also allows my hands to be mostly free! Which is wonderful. I prefer to wrap him vs. let him swim openly for now. He learned quickly that he liked to try & kick away from my hold on him- which made me nervous… I know with him secured in his holder-he is safe!


Another great swimming safety option is this awesome Baby Float Raft: 

I love that it has the sun canopy over it, for his protection. Its also adjustable! I love that this specific model is a ‘figure 8′, so you can attach it to mommy’s waist… so he cannot float away by himself!! I think the support netting is also reliable & very secure. And you can also place fun little play toys right in the front of the float with him!

Harrison has also had a lot of fun in his raft at our pool! I love this option when we are attending a ‘social’ water event- so others can play with Harry too! My mom easily taxis him around the pool while singing & laughing! And I especially love the canopy above, with our pale English-Irish skin!

While adventuring to the beach or especially going on a Boat- Baby Life Jacket is mandatory! 

Here is Harry looking so adorable & preciously- awkward in his red life preserver, while preparing to go sailing this summer! 😉


Not only is this a great idea- but it is the LAW for boaters with children. Mind the guidelines on weight limits per jacket brand & design. This specific model is used for kiddos up to 30 lbs.

The life jacket definitely offered me peace of mind as we sailed leisurely this summer!

My final tip for swim safety is to simply: BE AWARE! You need to know who has your baby, & you need to be aware of your surroundings! Mommies are usually 120% aware… eyes in the back of the head. 😉 Just a loving tip- Maybe don’t go in the deep end, don’t let yourself get distracted. Don’t let toddlers or very little kids go off on their own. Now is not the time to have long conversations with your mommy friends in the pool. Do that on dry land… or in a coffee shop! You are on duty- and no one will be more aware or protect your babies like you will!

You also need to know how to react if an emergency situation arises. Do you know CPR? You may also inquire: Is there a lifeguard on duty? Will there be other reliable adults there?  I would rather be overprotective, than sorry.

I don’t care if I am the helicopter mom! I see my future: SPF-pushing, hat wearing, BABY wearing, snack-giving, crazy bag-lady mom!

But… I will have what my kid needs! & I will be there to protect him as we enjoy the summer activities together!!

We mama bears protect our cubs!

Hopefully you found some good summer time safety tips today!!

What other tips do you have to enjoy the summer with your kiddos?? I love to hear from you!

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