5 Simple Sleep Solutions You can Implement Tonight!

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Every new parent wishes for the Mom-Manual. We want the instructions, we want the guidance, we want the magic concoction that creates joyful, healthy, well-adjusted, developing babies. Basically, the confidence that our decisions are right for our Little’s & our family unit.

What mom doesn’t yearn for her baby to hit the key milestones in development & necessities of daily life? Including a balanced healthy diet, intellectual & creative development, motor skills & activity time, social interaction & most importantly- getting enough sleep. 


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no more teething on the crib

Here is your guide:

5 Simple Sleep Solutions You can Implement tonight! 

I can offer you some simple solutions that I have implemented to help your baby sleep- right away!

Tip #1: Start with a bedtime routine to calm down: 

Parents may choose to go for a walk, some parents do bathtime before bed, some people can rock along & listen to some lovely symphonies, a mom friend of mine even sits with her two toddlers together in front of a fish tank! It’s so relaxing and it grounds and focuses them.

I like to give my baby Harry a warm bath. We sing songs- usually a melody from The Sound of Music 😉 and I give him a little soapy mowhawk! He laughs at the cat trying to get into the tub with him…  and my favorite part is wrapping him up and his owl towel! Hoo hoo!

One of my own favorite memories as a kid- taking a bath, was running to my dad to have him smell our clean hair afterwards, and exclaiming “Mmmmmmm!”. The funniest part is that I totally do that now!! I smell Harry’s beautiful, clean baby hair and think that is the absolute best smell! Especially once I cover him in coconut oil after the bath. He loves the mini massage. The coconut oil also helps 100% fight off diaper rash, as well as cradle cap, and  moisturizes his tiny little curls! Win win win!!

Check out my other blog post also- More on the wonders of using Coconut Oil for Baby!


So, once baby is relaxed, you head in to put him to sleep.

Tip #2: The room should be cool for sleeping. 

I absolutely believe that we sleep better in cooler atmospheres. Think about a hot summer night: the air conditioning in your room comforts you to sleep so well! I have observed that I sweat less, fidget less through the night & I tend to even breathe more steadily with a relaxing, cool bedroom. We keep our home at about 71 when we all sleep.

Tip #3: Utilize a Swaddle, or Sleep Sack

I am a huge swaddling pusher! 🙂 I swaddled baby Harry tightly until he could roll over/outgrew the swaddle. Then he graduated to a sleep sack, which we still implement now!  (9 months old).

Using a swaddle offers mom the peace of mind of baby being comfortly wrapped- offering a womb-like feel, as well as the control over the flailing arms of a newborn.

While the sleep sack offers an extra layer of comfort for baby – while avoiding any blankets or sheets in the crib – for the upmost safety while sleeping. I usually put baby Harry in a long sleeve onesie, and then his muslin sleep sack. I also truly believe that once I zip him in, he subconsciously knows the routine is- time for bed.

Read more about swaddling, in my post about Soothing Your Crying Baby


Tip #4: White Noise Machine 

From the moment Harry was born, we used a white noise machine! I even brought it to the hospital. It helped to drown out some of the annoying ambient noise of nurses and doctors entering all day and all night long. It creates a comforting womb- like sound for babies. It lulls him to sleep 100% of the time!  He also understands when the white noise is on, it is time for sleep. We even have a travel white noise machine we connect to his car seat!   It is awesome, and it allows him to sleep in the car! Here is my favorite white noise machine in our home: it’s not too loud, and has two different settings; very reliable:

Tip #5: My Last Tip is for Your Baby-to Use a Lovie! 

This is a general comfort item for baby to attach to and soothe himself while he sleeps. This can be a little blankie, a stuffed toy, etc. We use a little Owl/blankie Lovie.  Harry loves it, he nuzzles it, he reaches for it, he bites it, he even plays peek-a-boo with it!  He snuggles it while fast asleep! One of my mommy friends also told me when we first gave it to him- for me to put the lovie inside my shirt for half a day – then it would smell like me. That tip was GOLD! It helped him instantly attach to his Owl Lovie, so he could find his own comfort.


no more teething on the crib

From these five tips, you should be able to utilize one or all of them to help your baby sleep-tonight! 

Thank you for visiting little hat family blog today, we appreciate your support and comments!

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