The Secret to Keeping Your Baby Free of Diaper Rash

No More Diaper Rash! The Secret is Coconut Oil! Imagine Comfort for your baby and complete Health for your family. The Secret Weapon Every Mom Needs is Coconut Oil. 

Here are my Top 4 Baby Hacks using Coconut oil. The Benefits of using coconut oil for your family are endless! I personally saw instant results using Coconut Oil for my Baby, Harry!

Overall baby and family health, sensitive skin issues, cradle cap, diaper rash: These are on the daily mind of boss mamas. The well being of your family… It’s all part of the job description! And of course, diapers diapers diapers! Baby dealt it, you smelt it! ha ha ha.


How can you use Coconut Oil in your Baby’s Daily Life?

4 Baby Hacks with Coconut Oil:


  1. DIAPER RASH- When your little one has a sensitive tushie, it can create very uncomfortable situation for him. Nothing is worse than changing a baby who is screaming in pain from a beet-red bottom! 🙁  You must use wipes, and they cause more sensitivity and pain, which keeps this vicious cycle going. Poor kiddo!


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Coconut Oil Baby Hacks with Coconut Oil         no more teething on the crib


What is the big secret to completely fighting off diaper rash? Yep, It’s coconut oil!!!

I have over 11 years of nanny experience. I have worked with dozens of kids and babies. Over the years I have used many of the diaper-rash remedies that the families I nannied for wanted me to use. Most of the creams, ointments & pastes are OK. However, I was not impressed.I was sure there had to be a NATURAL product that not only would help the existing diaper rash, but also work to prevent diaper rash from happening at all! Even something to improve the skin. Dare to dream!

I have used coconut oil for years in my own daily beauty regimen.The benefits are amazing for utilizing coconut oil for babies’ skin as well! Coconut oil is one of the most gentle, pure and healthy oils available! It’s wonderful for me, and also excellent for my baby, Harry! Not to mention it is organic, natural, has no preservatives or additives, dyes, or perfumes! And the smell is so delicious! It’s so real. When I was expecting my son Harrison, I knew I would plan to use coconut oil in our daily routine!

2. CRADLE CAP: When Harry was born, My husband and I were adamant in daily applying the coconut oil to his skin. Not only do we apply in the diaper area, but also all over his body.  In addition to making diaper rash non-existent, it also completely cleared up his cradle cap as well.

My pediatrician recommended we use the baby brush to brush his hair after his bath, and then I applied a small amount of coconut oil to my fingers- let it melt a bit, then gently rub into his scalp.  His cradle cap disappeared so quickly! A little bit goes a long way, especially when applied to the scalp. He now has the softest hair! And the coconut oil is actually moisturizing his natural tiny curls as well! Our friends & family are always complementing his baby-soft skin.

3. SKIN QUENCHING: We also swim a lot, it is such a relief to have a health & skin regimen we can rely on. We use Coconut Oil instead of any lotions, for the whole family! (Which often contain additives, perfumes, gels, and sometimes even silicon material– PLASTIC! Disgraceful! My Baby’s body would be absorbing all of that! I DO NOT WANT that for my family.) I choose health, simple elements, and I move towards a clean Organic lifestyle. It’s not as difficult as it sounds either! I know my baby, Harry Benefits so much from Utilizing Coconut Oil in his daily routine! It even quenches our skin so much after some bonding pool time, as well!

Coconut Oil is also so beneficial for night time! Moms feel so successful as a parent, when you’re baby starts to sleep through the night. However, I also know that means that he is in his diaper for 9+ hours while he sleeps. I knew I wanted to use a natural product that could not only moisturize his skin, but actually create a barrier between the wetness in his diaper vs. his skin- all night long!  When I take him out of his crib in the morning, he never has any irritation or redness!  I am so happy to keep listening to my gut, and do what I know is right for my little Harrison’s body and health.

4. ESSENTIAL OILS AND COCONUT OIL: Essential Oils, such as the high-quality ‘doTERRA’ brand, can provide such wonderful, clean and modern health benefits to you and your family! When an essential oil such as Lavender is combined with Coconut Oil, as a carrier oil, and applied to the body- it will have a very calming effect for your baby. And for your household as well! You can also diffuse Essential oils in your home! A great natural way to keep your home clean and infused with all of the great germ-fighting properties! There are hundreds of Essential Oils and amazing healing properties for your health! Especially for the modern Mama, trying to avoid prescriptions for every little thing.. Just my opinion 😉  I wanted to take back control of my own health! I Empowered myself with knowledge. To learn more about Essential Oils, purchasing, and how to use them in your home: click here.

There are unlimited uses for coconut oil… Especially for modern mommies!

These 4 Hacks for Coconut Oil and Babies will keep your kiddos skin clean and calm! I love to live naturally, purely and I try to keep it simple. Organic Coconut Oil is the simple trick we use to keep our baby diaper-rash free!

What Other Awesome Hacks have you Found for Coconut Oil with Your Family? Thanks for checking us out today, friends!


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